Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Still treating ankle and knee

Aaah, a post surgery update for you all!

Even though I felt like progress was accelerating - I'm finding my
limits. Glad to be starting stationary bike and even tried a real bike
ride. Twisting my foot to get in, or most important- out- of my pedal
cleats is not happening properly. I'd say mostly me knee... but
strength is clearly an issue. No, or limited weight baring is my only
option at this point. If this crazy weather passes, I'll get back in
the pool!

I'm so happy to be pushing my limits further, and accept this message
of swollen knee and forced rest.

Acupuncture is part of my recovery- thanks to Steven @ Pacific Healing
Arts in Los Gatos
and Raymond Himmel in Mill Valley when I make the
trek. Even more so Curtis Cramblett of Revolutions in Fitness Physical
, and his fellow P.T. Susan, for their ongoing care, hard work
& advice!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

First ride in 19 weeks. Happy 2010!

(here is a link if the post doesn't work

Well my Birthday was likely to be quiet after losing our sweet sweet cat, and travel to New England for Christmas. We thought we'd celebrate New Years Eve w/ a cocktail... maybe a couple friends walk to the closest bar for another... then back home for ringing in the new year and my Birthday. One neighbor led to another... and we partied like it was 1999. This postponed my New Years Day goal of riding a bike again. I finally am able to pedal on a stationary trainer at the gym. Range of motion for both flexion and extension are still not 100%, but enough to adjust the saddle height and do a full pedal.

My friend Helena stopped by my house on a gorgeous California January day - the first 60's, sunshiny-blue-bird of a day for some time now, via her glamorous "dutch bike" (made in Belgium). Fenders, locking system, lights, basket the works. She noticed I had my "cruiser" on the back patio. Still a fun bike, no competing necessary w/ hers; a basket, Cherry Red, fat tires and flat pedals. I had hoped to ride it New Years after lowering the saddle to feel safe, as my leg doesn't extend fully yet.

Anyhow... she said "no time like the present". And away we went. Lowered the seat... and it was like I never left cycling. Sure... I didn't push hard w/ my left, a little timid w/ my new ankle and recovering knee. But if felt FANTASTIC! She made this amazing video that makes it look even more spectacular than it was. Disclaimer... I never recommend riding w/ no helmet. It was a down the big wide, no traffic street I live on... but still no excuses. That bad example aside... this was a beautiful moment and I'm so happy to know I can pedal again. Now time to increase the length rides, and exertion and frequency my friends! I. Am. Back!~

I am Strong, Light and Beautiful and Happy! SLaBh?

Thanks again to Helena for making this lovely tribute to the occasion!