Saturday, July 10, 2010

Letting go - to leave room for new adventures

I think.

Kayak anybody?

It's time to give this antiquated vessel to somebody who will use it! Last time it was in the water, my friend Cyndi was alive & her husband Arne tried to paddle around their lake in Fairfield CA. 2002.

It's been on fun adventures (houseboat trips), and scary adventurous ones (class 4+ rapids on the Cache La Poudre River Colorado).

Originated in the East - I bought it used in 1986 from CSU student who climbed & river rat'ed in CO (yes "rat"). (also bought a climbing rope from him).I took it out East w/me & kayaked in Long Island Sound in winter... Breaking ice & snow inside marshlands. Of course I paddled it in the warm summers as well.

Clearly a sentimental item that represents my past life of river ratting, raft guiding on the Dead & Penobscot rivers in Maine. And a now- somewhat tamed personality- of "no fear". Hate to say this... But I think I need a keel, an either sit-on-top or sea, kayak - now for my adventure level.

No spray skirt or float bags, or paddle (keeping my gorgeous Mitchell wood paddle).

I mourn the letting go of this symbol of my past, but realize it's nearly a dusty trophy - trying to prove to myself & backyard tours that I WAS this person in the past. Perhaps someone will breath life back into it's hull... & it will open up a space for a shiny new adventurous toy to enter my world.


Friday, July 9, 2010

East Palo Alto Salvage Firm May Be Forced Out

My favorite home salvage place! It's in trouble. If you can help find a new location, please send it to them!

I've recycled windows, doors and plumbing here by donating it. I've purchased all sorts of lumber, doors, and other creative items for my renovation needs.

Re-purpose, recycle... sustainable living!