Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Downieville weekend moved to June 6/7

Spots available for 2 upcoming clinics and Downieville weekend! Sign up through Bev on email.

Come stay at the Downieville Carraige House Inn, ride with Yuba Expeditions, be guided with help from SLaB and her expert guest leaders! 

Drive up Friday night. Ride Saturday and Sunday!
COST: for 2 nights, two days shuttle would be $190 + food
Rooms start at $75 a night. One suite available with 3 queens - split the $175 3 ways.
Shuttle prices are standard $20 a day.
Meals on your own.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mtn. Bike Skills Clinics for Spring 2009!

Hello riders and those who'd like to start riding! 
Winter is waning and our sunshine is lasting longer - this means our riding season is here!

STRONG, LIGHT and BEAUTIFUL has exciting new clinics and events on the calendar!
We've changed the format a little, focussing on clinics and events not membership. No charge to be a Strong, Light and Beautiful rider, simply attend an event (fee based or complimentary events), or purchase a jersey and/or merchandise, ride with us, and you are SLaB! (Website to reflect this by end of March).

We found that YES, mostly women need and want a group - a no pressure clinic, but there are men out there that haven't tried riding in years as well. Pass along these dates to those guys you know that are ready to get active on the trails, or haven't felt stable maybe on their road bikes, as attending these workshops help every type of rider improve their maneuverability on a bicycle!

We will continue to offer group rides as the Summer and daylight grow. We plan to join other clubs group rides and events and trail volunteer work throughout 2009.

There is still beautiful merchandise available. Jerseys, Arm Warmers, Vests, and discounts at local bike shops and some brand components/accessories. www.iamSLaB.com

SLaB has upped her game this year with the addition of 1 to 2 expert riders joining our clinics and events. These guys can share tricks and expertise from their racing days to mechanic abilities. You'll certainly learn a trick or two from them!

If you have taken a SLaB clinic before, this will review skills from Super Beginner clinics, then go a step further with more intermediate skills, experts on hand, and a ride to practice on, and have a little more physical challenge.

Skills Clinic and Ride - CUPERTINO, CA
Beginner/Beginner-Intermediate/and Intermediates!
Go thru basic skills & mechanical tips - 9-11a.m. $60pp
Then ride up the fire road to access Freemont Older's trails for on the trail assistance and testing out our new skills! 11:30-1:30pm. 
Enervit bars and energy drinks provided. Bring snack and required to have water bottle or hydration system for ride. If you need a bike or want to try a full suspension or hard-tail GT, 3 mediums available first come first serve. County Parking Fee not included.

MAY 16
Super Beginner/Beginner clinic, CUPERTINO, CA, 9 a.m.-12:30. $50pp
Haven't ridden in years? Want more stability on your road or hybrid or mtn. bike? Learn balance, weight distribution, cornering, braking techniques to encourage you go ride more challenging trails and roads. Bikes available to use - limited sizes and qty.
County Parking Fee not included.

JUNE 13-14 (price will be group rates, a great deal! Weekend of a lot of fun!)
2 nights 2 days in DOWNIEVILLE, CA
Beg-Intermediate riders
Shuttles with expert riders to join us on rides. They will assist, coach and/or guide us for an enjoyable descent!
Yuba Expeditions Bike Shop http://yubaexpeditions.com/
Carriage House www.downievillecarriagehouse.com

Bicycle right of way - be a car!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Space shuttle trail- sts-119

After solid rocket boosters detached... The trail left was still
getting sun - a beautiful sight!

Space Shuttle Discovery STS-119

My honey in the forground adjusting his fancy cameras. Took these with my (old) iPhone camera.

Space shuttle ignites- March 15

T minus zero! A gorgeously bright ignition that moments later hit us with the loud boom. A stunning sight!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Shuttle to Launch this week - bucket list!

I get to go along for one of my honey's bucket list items to check off... Space Shuttle Launch!
Check out the schedule here: www.nasa.gov

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Posted this sign in my yard this evening. "I DO" support the freedom to Marry! Let's send some collective good energy to California State Courts for tomorrow's review of Prop. 8. Love and Civil Rights for all! 
By the way - my street is surprisingly full of Conservative and Mormon folks who feel threatened by allowing friends of mine to be treated as citizens and have rights to express their love. Your Bible is not our State or Federal Law! You don't have to be gay nor marry - but let's give back the right to this minority that lives on this same planet with you. Civil rights should not be a majority votes issue. Do you ever think slavery would have been VOTED away? Not a chance. 

I am thinking positive and know that we live in a time where we'll be able to brag that we left this sad discrimination and fear behind. In my lifetime, my multi-racial coupled friends couldn't marry - I can't imagine what it would have been like to hide or not complete the promise or see how happy they are today. 

Wow, what amazing times we live in. What an opportunity to grow and expand our human race!