Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Little One Garrity 1992(ish) - December 24, 2009

The best cat in the world. Didn't speak other than with her eyes or just shook her head which rang her little collar bell. Purr monster. Love monster. Furr monster that we loved very much. December is ending - the Holidays feel strange and sad, and here is hoping that Little One is at peace, and even though we were with her to the end, and watched her struggle for her last breaths - that she is now playing with her previous mom, my friend Cynthia Hurtubis, after her passing. I'm sure they miss eachother as well.

We loved you so much, and were lucky to have the time we did with you Little1! Thanks for loving us back! We miss you in so many ways.

Hug your furry family member today - and a kiss on the head for us and L1.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Friday, November 13, 2009

Tossing Trash - Talking Trash

Today, like many other, I saw a driver at a light drop a cigarette out window - if it weren't for crutches I'd have done my usual; get out, grab his trash & hand it back!

I've had several experiences handing back trash through the car window. Makes a great impression - but I only do it at a safe intersection w/ lots of witnesses ;-).

1st goober threw entire cigarette box out window w/ plastic after he zoomed off in his safe powerful machine. Next denied they knew it fell out. Next had an interesting conversation w/ car full of male DeAnza College students after they threw food container out.

Another time I stayed parallel on hwy 85 next to a glamorous BMW diva that threw something out. All lanes were empty around us - so I engaged. She was gabbing on phone (pre law against) rolled her window down & I said -"You dropped something or threw something out your window"... she said "what?"... I repeated... she said "SO WHAT!" rolling her eyes... then up the window... then con't on cell. I figure she had to tell the person she was talking what just happened... I hope they scolded her as well.

My husband Terry has grabbed trash while riding and ridden all the way home with it - in the same vane. Usually cyclists are more sensitive - but race habits of tossing gu wrappers still occurs.

I find it incomprehensible - the urge to litter. Your CAR cleanliness is more important than your COMMUNITY or mine? Pshaw.

Now I ease down with my crutches - off soapbox - quietly being hopeful.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Falling into Fall

Thought I'd update my blog with a brief synopsis of the last month. Recovery is slowly happening since my surgery. My cat has had a few emergency's and I'm managing a landscape project at home trying to utilize salvaged bottles and wood. As tradition would have it - we also scared lots of kiddo's in the neighborhood for Halloween!

The knee seems to be my focus still - even though the ankle was the original problem area on my let leg. The lack of movement for 10 weeks has trained my left leg to be in a contracted position and there is still so much swelling - that it's impairing my goal to start walking again. It's been quite a lesson in patience - as I am able to do a Frankenstein walk with my big black removable cast / boot on... but that only encourages incorrect usage of my leg. I have to get my quads and hamstrings to engage again -and correctly... and get the nasty swelling out. THEN - after that - I can start really working for mobility in my very stiff ankle!

Luckily I have the best PT's around - and now that I finally have permission... ahem... a prescription for Physical Theraypy - we have gotten to work. I'd say the message out the the surgeons world and for other patients of such a proceedure is - start earlier on PT and earlier to move - especially your knee! My surgeon was not interested in this part of the process - only the surgery and bone healing. I could have started sooner and be perhaps... without these pesky crutches now.

Our wonderful little fur ball has struggled after a sudden onset of "vestibular disease". She was meowing in a panicky way when I found her a few weeks ago in an unusual place in the garden - she never meow except under distress at the Vet's. She is a "silent" kitty w/ only jingling her collar bell when she wants attention! Anyhow... being on crutches is difficult to pick anything up... but she was "stuck" - after lifting her up - she dug her head sideways into my chest... and was acting extremely strange - turning her head in one direction. Seemed like she was having a stroke. It seems that she had suddenly lost balance - a vertigo of sorts. She was grabbing onto anything with her paws - as if she felt she was falling. The major
bed spins for a confused animal. She had several days of all day at teh vet... and scared and unable to walk more than a few steps - drunkenly like ZBambie on the ice crossed with a Steve Martin drunk character. It wasn't hard to contain laughter though - as you could tell she was suffering. The Diagnosis of Vestibular Disease seemed to be correct - we waiting for her to slowly recover. 2 days later she had a reaction to an enema that caused her to contract for hours - trying to poo. Emergency vet visit and some pain meds - and another exam to irritate her arthritis later - (oh and a good grand investment later) - she was sad- weak - confused and home again. Good news is she is recovering with another strange new symptom of grinding her teeth - and seems to sneeze like something is stuck in her mouth or right sinus. Yee gads. We love her so much it is easy to do what it takes to care for her. We know she is at least 15 years old - and that she is "elderly" in our world - in her later 70's. But it's just not her time yet. Purring, eating and pooing, following us around and snuggling with us is still on her agenda - so Little One and Terry and I get to spend many more days, weeks, months and maybe years together!

Well what can we say, this year with the added help of friends to help gimpy decorate... we outdid ourselves this year. More spider webs, more large spiders on the house. Good Lighting, a fancy coffin with an amazing skeleton that I was asked if it was REAL! We didn't get as many trick-or-treaters overall - well probably just under 100 - but they came in large groups - which is harder to scare. Our tactics remained the same, although different people took turns on the porch swing. Sit still abnormally long, even as the
treaters and their parents question themselves aloud - "that's real... that's not real... look he moved... he got me last year" exclamations of self comforting they would say as they had to stand next to us to ring the doorbell. Terry made one toddler cry - but we all agreed that that one young-on that was in the group of young pre-teens was the sacrificial kid - as the others wouldn't have gotten jumped out at if we stayed concerned with the little one. Anyhow... his parents said it was allright - and the group enjoyed the experience. Thanks again to my neighbors and friends that helped decorate and came and enjoyed Sangria w/ us all!

I'm in the heart of designing and managing a landscape project of adding a little courtyard on the side of our house to visually expand the house - w/ out expanding the foundation or actual house. A creative way to allow the outside in and see more pretty garden space from the inside. Anyhow - the wall is filled with a design of salvaged bottles I've been collecting for years. Mostly the Blue Water bottles (that I was disspointed to find out they are now PLASTIC at Trader Joes!). The bottles I had intended on making into a chandelier someday - but this was a great opportunity to utilize them right now. Additionally a front gate/fence that starts the courtyard area - I got wood from "Whole House Restoration" in East Palo Alto. I purchase lots from this fabulous salvage yard. They seem to be under different management - and some prices are higher - but there are still many many treasures to be found. Doors and windows seem to be the best deal - but would siding and as in our case - no new trees - especially REDWOOD trees were sacrificed for our fence panels. It breaks my heart to see new houses or houses with new fences go up... and to see they are using redwood. Even the Cedar is so re-usable for the privacy panels in a fence. I hope more people donate their old fences - and more people build with re-using products.

Can't say I'll be on the bike by any certain date. I'm hoping to be walking by this week - but I'm willing to see how my leg does before I scold it for not meeting that deadline as well. Correctly healing is more important.

Cheers from the crutches

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Bicycling Basics - Class at Stanford

I have the privilege of helping teach the first of a multi night class at Stanford University for their "Health Improvement Program" aka HIP! If you are wanting to help introduce a super beginner into the bike world... via commuting, fitness, sport or otherwise... this is a great place to start. Classroom on campus - see details at this registration page: http://hip.stanford.edu/
October 15
Stanford Health Improvement Program 
 “Bicycling Basics for Women’s Confidence and Comfort” 5:30-7:00 pm Contact Stanford’s HIP program to sign up. http://hip.stanford.edu/ or call 723-9649 (I’m teaching day one) - fee $30 for set.
Thanks for your support!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Thursday, October 1, 2009

5 weeks today - post surgery

Jolly Green Giant Foot

Hey all - I haven't been blogging as I sorta like to stay positive in this blog - and everyday I have a challenging hour or 2 or 3. Have a whole new respect for wheelchair bound folks and lips of cement on a sidewalk. Crutches, casts, and the ability to get something from the kitchen, then bring it to my desk. Either I'm kicking something along the floor... or I switch to a wheelchair so I can carry, and try not to spill when I go over the bump between the tile and the wood floor. The main focus right now is to keep sanity, get some range of motion in my knee, and decrease swelling. It's been exactly 5 weeks since the doctor "borrowed" bone from my knee, broke my leg - and placed it into my ankle's hole (or lesion). ONE MORE WEEK of no weight... then slowly I start to place some weight on my foot. I can't imagine it will be quick. My foot is so swollen right now... and doesn't move, and my knee can't bend more than 10 degrees, so I don't expect to be walking a week from now. 6 Weeks is the magic bone healing number. My surgeon who doesn't say but a few words ever in an appt, actually looked proud, smiley and giddy when he was advising me to take it easy... as "you are healing from a broken ankle"... "I broke it" he said with a Canary feather smile, "but it is broken".

I got a fantastic call today from an inspirational was a student for SLaB clinics... turned triathlete. She is doing her 2nd Tri this Sunday - a Tinley sprint w/ mtn bike off road for the cycling portion. It's so fantastic to hear from folks that are still riding and training and improving. Gives me hope and a peak into the outside world where people move. Sure I'm less muscle and more fat right now... but somehow I'm going to change that in this next year! I really want to do more skills clinics... and I actually have a class I'm teaching in 10 days at Stanford. It's a classroom class (vs hands on practice), but all about women and women's cycling. That will re-energize me for sure!

Tomorrow I go for my longest drive yet since surgery - up to Mill Valley for Acupuncture. I am hoping to make major headway in ridding myself of this massive swelling. One more week... and I will attempt to add weight. About 4 more weeks until I'm allowed in a pool.

Go ride - because you can! Ride for us who can't!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Healing and patience and Interbike blues

Just past the half way point in my 6 weeks of no weight baring life.

Healing from this surgery I knew would be trying... and today I'm tired of needing help for everything. Immobility is a new thing - started early in the year with lots and lots of pain in my left ankle anytime I wanted to walk, jog, hike... press down hard on my left peddle while riding my bike. Physical therapy only mobilized my ankle more... and reared the ugly truth... a huge cyst and hole in my Talus. Now here I am... 3 weeks after a big surgery of my body's bones being drilled/broken or plugged in 3 different places. Send me patience and gratitude for all my friends and family that have been stopping by with food, entertainment and what-nots. Dreaming of better days, future bike rides...

Interbike is a tradition for us bike geeks - check out all the beautiful new gear... find new clothing... see designs... and most of all say hi to all our friends that thru this last decade and a half - all are there from all over the States and World... often still in the industry and just moved over a booth to another brand. Such is the life of staying inside... but moving up and on. It's a fantastic networking place... I find sponsors for SLaB... I find potential graphic design clients there. Sometimes I drink shots with them in a Tequila bar... I tried to hand Lance Armstrong a $5 bill during the Cyclo-cross race... and get signatures or photos with the current pro's. Tons of fun and long days.

*Sigh* - I'll be back dang it! Just have to work thru this recovery! Thanks everybody for constantly commenting humorously on my facebook/twitter comments... it's keeping me alive!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Pink Floyd Goodbye Blue Sky 9 11 01

Check out this video on YouTube:


• Sent from my high tech portable gadget •

Beautiful riding street trials video

Instead of posting ugly pictures of my knee/ankle surgery - I thought I'd post an inspirational video to get you out riding! I'm riding in spirit - but with only 2 weeks down of 6 weeks no weight baring on my leg - I get to only watch for now. Supposedly it's 4 months off the bike, so I might need more mental help from my cycling friend community! Enjoy this vid! - Bev

Saturday, September 5, 2009

SLaB ankle surgery update

Hi all! One week down on the recovery side of my ankle surgery. The
last skills clinic went fantastic- and it was only a few days before I
had this huge cast attached to my leg added!

I'm still extremely swollen in the entire left leg- with most
discomfort from my knee - where it donated two "plugs" - which double
what they thought they needed to use- to fill the holes in my ankle /
talus bone.

I'll update more when I can get to my real computer - and max out my
iPhone fun.

Days consist of icing and elevating leg-pain killer frequency
tweaking, upright a few X a day with help from crutches and family or
friends spotting me. Absolutely no weight bearing for 6 weeks.

5 more to go!
I am Strong!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Must-Haves and Nice-to-Have basics for cycling equipment / accessories

I came up with a basic list for the Intro to biking class I helped teach at Stanford. I think it would be helpful to many - so am going to post it! Enjoy!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Cancellara's great downhill on stage 7 TDF

Amazing descent by Fabian Cancellara on Stage 7 or the Tour. He needed a bike change, and this is him catching back up. DON'T TRY TO RIDE LIKE THIS! Look at how far he leans his bike over! Can't believe the Motorcyclist with the Cameraman kept up! As my friend says... the motorcycle crew probably needed a change of leathers after this ride! Wow!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Swimming with Zeus in Greece

Just back from an amazing trip to Munich Germany then Athens, Santorini and Zakynthos Greece. Here is a tribute to the lovely dog that was at our villa!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Stanford Wellness Bike Class 7/16 and 7/23

I have the honor of helping teach a short class for Stanford's Health Improvement Program a.k.a. HIP! Sign up if you are interested in joining the class, focussed on the novice, to learn basics about bike fit and types of bikes, and how to jump start commuting and using your bike for errands if not exercise and training! It's a two part class - the 2nd class we'll ride over to a bike shop and discuss the different new technologies and point out must-haves and nice-to-have, or luxury items vs need to have accessories to make your riding and lifestyle be safe and easy! 

See complete course listings here: 

Monday, June 22, 2009

Old injury finally needing attention - Ankle surgery needed

Hi all -
Just thought I'd let you know why I haven't been riding too much lately. I can actually pedal a bike pretty well, its the walking to and from the trail, and hike-a-bikes that hurt me. An old sprain from '99 and '04 has finally started to cause toooo much pain. Some holes in my Talus w/ large cysts filling them are impeding at certain angles , especially painful if pushing down hard and in an incline w/ my foot. (Osteochondral lesions). Attached is a lovely iphone pic from my CT scan showing on the docs computer monitor.

I hope to line up surgery w/ Oakland's Bone and Joint Specialists - Dr. Roger Mann and his son.

If anybody does or doesn't like these guys... let me know! ;-)

Friday, June 12, 2009

Come to Evolution Bike Shop tomorrow June 13, for Demo Day

I'll be chatting with folks about future SLaB skills clinics and helping out in the morning at Evolution Bike shop! Come join the fun as they have demo bikes from Norco and more! Steven's Creek Blvd, across from Elephant Bar... near "Cupertino Square" (ak Valco mall). See you there!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Russian Ridge group ride was gorgeous out!

Saturday Morning warmed up enough to enjoy the still green hills of Russian Ridge! Ancient Oaks Trail seemed even more mossy than ever - and mystical. Feels good to finally be venturing out on the bike, was a long hibernation this winter. 

Monday, April 6, 2009

GT demo April 11, SLaB clinic May 16, Downieville weekend June 6-7th.

Hi all - 
Instead of proposed clinic at Freemont Older this Sat.y April 11th, we'd like to invite you to Los Gatos Reservoir to meet the GT demo truck, and test ride any bike you might like to try! Ride around the Saint Joseph's trail and others - from that location!
**email me first, or check with Calabazas shop for details on this. I am not running it, and times/locations may change.

May 16-
Clinic in Cupertino is starting to fill up - hold your spot soon by email.

Downieville weekend. Arrive June 5th pm, ride Saturday the 6th & 7th. Depart anytime Sunday.
I'll post a deadline soon on commitment. A few rooms in our group's block are taken, and maybe you ought to commit to the others! Will be a blast!

Don't forget the Sea Otter - April 17, 18 and 19th
You don't have to race to enjoy yourselves there. Come watch pro's and amateurs, and shop the unique boutique booths to major brands and demo any bike brand!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Downieville weekend moved to June 6/7

Spots available for 2 upcoming clinics and Downieville weekend! Sign up through Bev on email.

Come stay at the Downieville Carraige House Inn, ride with Yuba Expeditions, be guided with help from SLaB and her expert guest leaders! 

Drive up Friday night. Ride Saturday and Sunday!
COST: for 2 nights, two days shuttle would be $190 + food
Rooms start at $75 a night. One suite available with 3 queens - split the $175 3 ways.
Shuttle prices are standard $20 a day.
Meals on your own.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mtn. Bike Skills Clinics for Spring 2009!

Hello riders and those who'd like to start riding! 
Winter is waning and our sunshine is lasting longer - this means our riding season is here!

STRONG, LIGHT and BEAUTIFUL has exciting new clinics and events on the calendar!
We've changed the format a little, focussing on clinics and events not membership. No charge to be a Strong, Light and Beautiful rider, simply attend an event (fee based or complimentary events), or purchase a jersey and/or merchandise, ride with us, and you are SLaB! (Website to reflect this by end of March).

We found that YES, mostly women need and want a group - a no pressure clinic, but there are men out there that haven't tried riding in years as well. Pass along these dates to those guys you know that are ready to get active on the trails, or haven't felt stable maybe on their road bikes, as attending these workshops help every type of rider improve their maneuverability on a bicycle!

We will continue to offer group rides as the Summer and daylight grow. We plan to join other clubs group rides and events and trail volunteer work throughout 2009.

There is still beautiful merchandise available. Jerseys, Arm Warmers, Vests, and discounts at local bike shops and some brand components/accessories. www.iamSLaB.com

SLaB has upped her game this year with the addition of 1 to 2 expert riders joining our clinics and events. These guys can share tricks and expertise from their racing days to mechanic abilities. You'll certainly learn a trick or two from them!

If you have taken a SLaB clinic before, this will review skills from Super Beginner clinics, then go a step further with more intermediate skills, experts on hand, and a ride to practice on, and have a little more physical challenge.

Skills Clinic and Ride - CUPERTINO, CA
Beginner/Beginner-Intermediate/and Intermediates!
Go thru basic skills & mechanical tips - 9-11a.m. $60pp
Then ride up the fire road to access Freemont Older's trails for on the trail assistance and testing out our new skills! 11:30-1:30pm. 
Enervit bars and energy drinks provided. Bring snack and required to have water bottle or hydration system for ride. If you need a bike or want to try a full suspension or hard-tail GT, 3 mediums available first come first serve. County Parking Fee not included.

MAY 16
Super Beginner/Beginner clinic, CUPERTINO, CA, 9 a.m.-12:30. $50pp
Haven't ridden in years? Want more stability on your road or hybrid or mtn. bike? Learn balance, weight distribution, cornering, braking techniques to encourage you go ride more challenging trails and roads. Bikes available to use - limited sizes and qty.
County Parking Fee not included.

JUNE 13-14 (price will be group rates, a great deal! Weekend of a lot of fun!)
2 nights 2 days in DOWNIEVILLE, CA
Beg-Intermediate riders
Shuttles with expert riders to join us on rides. They will assist, coach and/or guide us for an enjoyable descent!
Yuba Expeditions Bike Shop http://yubaexpeditions.com/
Carriage House www.downievillecarriagehouse.com

Bicycle right of way - be a car!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Space shuttle trail- sts-119

After solid rocket boosters detached... The trail left was still
getting sun - a beautiful sight!

Space Shuttle Discovery STS-119

My honey in the forground adjusting his fancy cameras. Took these with my (old) iPhone camera.

Space shuttle ignites- March 15

T minus zero! A gorgeously bright ignition that moments later hit us with the loud boom. A stunning sight!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Shuttle to Launch this week - bucket list!

I get to go along for one of my honey's bucket list items to check off... Space Shuttle Launch!
Check out the schedule here: www.nasa.gov

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Posted this sign in my yard this evening. "I DO" support the freedom to Marry! Let's send some collective good energy to California State Courts for tomorrow's review of Prop. 8. Love and Civil Rights for all! 
By the way - my street is surprisingly full of Conservative and Mormon folks who feel threatened by allowing friends of mine to be treated as citizens and have rights to express their love. Your Bible is not our State or Federal Law! You don't have to be gay nor marry - but let's give back the right to this minority that lives on this same planet with you. Civil rights should not be a majority votes issue. Do you ever think slavery would have been VOTED away? Not a chance. 

I am thinking positive and know that we live in a time where we'll be able to brag that we left this sad discrimination and fear behind. In my lifetime, my multi-racial coupled friends couldn't marry - I can't imagine what it would have been like to hide or not complete the promise or see how happy they are today. 

Wow, what amazing times we live in. What an opportunity to grow and expand our human race!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tour of California Rain Fest and Fun!

I took this pic just seconds before the rain and wind picked up to finger numbing, road slicking levels!

Managed to get to Santa Cruz Monday, and motivated to ride up most of Sierra Road, Tuesday,  for the steep, wet climb out of San Jose! Great to see the pro's on our turf. Glad the sun is finally out today and yesterday for them! 


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Green Vision - Obama

This morning as I juggle a freelance project that will be printed on a large paper poster (boo)- but for an upcoming Cycling Event (yaaay)... and I read up for my first class at Stanford tonight on Clean Tech Entrepreneurship... I wonder where I and SLaB and our society fit it.

Came across this inspirational blog and story regarding how we need VISION. How Obama has that opportunity, and how we hope he uses it, and we know he has that power to push us forward. Below are a quote from the blog - and a link in case you are interested!

I started commuting by Bike to my job at Apple again. Of course... it's been around 70 degrees lately- making riding a breeze, but these temps are abnormal. Coincidence that sometimes the potential affects of Climate Change - temporarily feel good, while most are a festering disease waiting to come out? Trying to focus on the "sex appeal" and positive aspects of being Green has always been easy for me. Now it's getting the masses to realize EVERY decision matters. But to not stress about it. Just start to metamorphasis and eliminate one habit of buying plastic bottles let's say... for re-usable ones. Tap water really is acceptable. There are ways to dress it up so nicely - that you'd never go back. Pur Filters... lemon... and my new favorite... Himalayan Salt!

I'm finally back - and will continue to blog more regularly. Thanks for your patience while I took a December/Jan holiday break! Riding opportunities to follow. Getting you all out on bikes is my first mission!

GreenBiz.com - Joel Makower

Ask yourself: What does a world look like where former autoworkers and steelmakers are employed in well-paid jobs to manufacture turbines and solar panels, and where mechanics, electricians, truck drivers, and plumbers are working fervently to build the smarter, upgraded electricity grid needed to distribute all this home-grown energy? Where a new generation of smart buildings and electric vehicles are operating in concert on cheaper, less-polluting energy, and a new generation of technicians is needed to build and maintain them and infrastructure necessary to power them? Where every home, office, factory, and store is retrofitted or rebuilt to be as energy efficient as possible, made so by armies of newly trained workers from local communities? Where entrepreneurial companies are mining landfills in order to turn waste back into raw materials at a fraction of the cost and environmental impacts of mining or manufacturing new ones? Where food is grown and distributed regionally, reducing transportation emissions and ensuring food security, creating a wealth of jobs for local farmers, food processors, distributors, and others?

I could go on, but you get the point. It's a pretty compelling story. Who's telling it?

Monday, January 5, 2009

Annual New Years Mtn. Bike Ride 2009

Most the way up was in the fog, and the same for the return - when it went below 45 degrees.

Bev- the birthday girl, and hubby Terry enjoy some bubbly, hot chocolate and brownies after reaching the top!
This awesome photo taken by Kelly Connelly as we rose out of the fog