Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year everybody!

I expect to be back blogging starting January 1! Tomorrow... a traditional ride up Mount Tam in Mill Valley - and then back to SLaB work!

Here is to a wonderful 2009!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sail Away Sail Away

Sailing on Shenemere, a beautiful 51ft sloop. Our hosts and owners - Captain Dave and Ida - cranked the stereo system. We sailed without talking, and simply listening and enjoying Enya's "Sail Away". Simply beautiful and dramatic, the winds were strong, as you can hear in video.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

SLaB on the Sea!

It's been wonderful on the Carribean... Will take a while to get my
land legs back!

Friday, November 28, 2008

1 in 2 hours

Saw a car with a mountain bike on it's roof rack today. Yup, was driving from Rhode Island to the Connecticut Border to meet a friend who was bringing me my camera that I mistakenly left at her house in the sticks of Connecticut. A 2 hour round trip, and one car with a bike. It is much warmer today, tad humid, (one big rain shower that passed), actually a great day for a ride I'd say.

I'm reminded of how easy we have it in California.

In two hours of highway driving in the Bay area, I'm guessing that if any of my local readers when out to an intersection or overpass right now, on a post holiday Friday - day off for many - that they'd count a dozen bikes at a minimum. Both on cars, or passing by.

Happy day off! I hope those of you with bikes take advantage of that, and go for a spin for me. I'm bikeless... but did go for a walk to Dunkin Donuts. YIKES!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Few commute via bicycle in U.S.

According to the Bicycle Club Cascade Education Foundation, 77 percent of commuters in China travel by bicycle. Fifty percent of commuters in the Netherlands also bike to work, while only 1.6 percent of U.S. commuters use a bicycle as means of transportation.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

To ride solo or not to

With a couple more days of freedom before entering the office all day zone, I invited a super Strong, Light and Beautiful fellow rider to go meet a new path and trail on the over 70° day we had on Friday. One of my reasons for the introduction was to show there were highly public areas - not in the said "boon-docks" that one can practice their skills, and ride knowing if they needed help or to walk back to a road - here was the optimal path.

Vasona Creek Trail from Los Gatos to Campbell and back. We took about 2 hours to go about 13 or 14 miles and play on the off road. Pieces of single track and fireroad occasionally break up the perfect path, complete with pedestrian traffic painted lines to be sure and keep walkers, strollers and roller bladers and cyclists living together peacefully. You stay on the right side, let folks know you are coming on their left - and keep speeds slow.

Our discussion led to the common one I find, and why I try to host and promote ladies finding other ladies (or men) to ride with. We both agreed we were not afraid of wildlife, but of crazy humans. I have decided myself, to go on trails like this, and not let my freedom be taken by those incidents that have occured. I look about, staying noticeable and looking for ways to escape or find help if needed as I go. (This is a lot like a private pilot, when flying you always look for where you would land if your engine blew that second). This creek trail has a less used side nearer Hwy 17, across the creek from the main ponds/fly casting and dog park areas. I would recommend to go onto that more remote side w/ a buddy, as we did. This is the albatross we women have to wear about our necks, as even though we may be STRONG as our SLaB motto promotes, crazy bad guys out there may be able to overpower etc, yada yuk yada. With that said, I ride smart. Familiar places where I know lots of hikers or fellow riders will pass by again soon, so I can yell for help if needed.

I just refuse to stop riding alone altogether, but choose my times and places. Often we get pressures from our loved ones, spouses, parents - to not even go there. Here is what I say - to not be paralyzed and to still assure your loved ones. Consider a compromise, maybe if you promise to check in every 30 min to an hour and plot your exact path. Perhaps a dog to accompany. Always carry your cell phone. Stay in wide open spaces if possible. Do a shorter route closer to home, and do 2 laps. I love that trick!

If anybody has advice to share on the subject of riding alone - please share!
In the mean time, let's get a network going on +3 Network, and invite buddies to ride with you. The buddy system is always best. But sometimes to clear one's head, that solo ride can't be beat!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Panic To Do List

With only a few free days left in my respit from working in the Apple office... I have, and keep adding to, my to-do list. Yikes! I sit here needing to announce the December SLaB clinic. Thirsty from an early morning Spin Class then quick Pottery class appearance with me finishing two collanders. Pick up the cat food and litter... home to this envelope.

I am distracted by the piles of Bicycle, Mountain Bike, and Outside magazines that I need to choose which stay and which go. Am thinking I could listen to a book on tape "Eat Pray Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert, but am not really hearing it fully while reading mail. Keep backing if up and hearing the intro over and over.

Anybody else have this clutter clearing problem? Enter one room... rotate wash to the dryer, enter office and search for new dishwasher online (Fisher&Paykel double drawer anybody?), pet kitty cat, trip on new pile of papers with recycle bag and Goodwill box of goodies just placed today. Back to the list... Oh... need to call about my camera that's being repaired, check email. Why not look at Facebook while I'm there? Aargh!

Hrmph. Back to the list... let's see... okay... schedule Colonoscopy... put at bottom of list (again). Man the outside of my windows need washing (add to list). Maybe if I hydrate more, and clear the floor of what I spread out on it, I'll feel creative enough to make a SLaB flyer for Nov/December events.

Stop blogging.
Start doing.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Birthday tradition turns cycling therapy

There I was, me (a girl) and 5 boys. Something I'm used to, the reciprocal of a Morman marriage - my male harem. All between 38 and maybe 50yrs of age. Not sure high end of spectrum.

Anyhow, our tradition that my husband and his alleged twin (same year and day but opposite coasts born friend John) is to ride the same number of miles as we are old. They are turning 47 soon, and this was the weekend to accomplish the "task". Seeing as it is not MY birthday - and coming off 3 weeks of sickness, and months of lots of work and no working out, I gave myself the out of turning around before they did on their projected path.

The plan: From Johns house in Almaden - through the neighborhood - to McKean (not to be confused with McCain) - along the reservoirs to loop a "lollypop" loop around Uvas Res. in Gilroy then back.

I was feeling great and wondered if I could go further than I predicted. We meandered through short steeps in the neighborhood, and I quickly fell off the back on any incline steeper than 5%. Hrmph. My husband was obviously strong, he did some training cramming the last weekends, and extended rides to almost the 40 mile mark, with a good hill sprinkled in. I don't mind being off the back on such rides I know I've not been training for, and am just beginning a new phase of fitness. 2 spin classes that week, then this ride, and I'm excited to jump start this wintery season with some consistant challenging workouts. The boys don't seem to mind my speed, one threatens to turn back with me, but after a while, it's obvious he can keep with the group.

One particular fellow, riding a traditional steel frame (deRosa) with an absurdly phallic seat
bag that projects back in an embarrissingly erect manner chose to hang back and give me a little push up the largest of our climbs. Cinnabar Hill I'll call it. Wild Turkeys on the side of the road provide some fun commentary as we encourage them to go hide from the doom that could await the end of this Thanksgiving month. Somebody brings up a sarcastic comment to start an "anti-prop-8" conversation - that though winded - I cannot help but pipe in and let them know how bewildered I am and mad - that so many folks thought it was necessary to vote in such a hateful - right banishing proposition. Said deRosa riding fellow appears to be a conservative in the political spectrum. Just as I'm stating that I felt elitest to be in the category of being able to be married - and it changes my feeling on my own legal bond to my wonderful man - he states simultaneously as he starts to push me to help me up the hill... "Welcome to the elite"... with a smirk. Wow. I think. This guy was pro-8. I brush it off as I can't speak anyhow, the hill has risen to beyond my ability to pedal well - and the 5-10lbs he's taking off me by pushing - create a fun game where I get sling-shotted past birthday boy John, to pass him, keep trying to sprint up to the top - totally spent - anaerobic and done. I don't even past the summit to where the rest of the group is waiting just past the crest, as the thought of climbing back up is too much for my then, pounding heart trying to catch up! I wave my goodbyes and good-lucks. My honey pedals back up to meet me and kiss goodbye and queries why I didn't go further to join the group... and he see's I'm too tired - and happy and fine to return early on my own.

Well... off they went... and back down the hill I gleefully roll. What awaits me is that sluggish feeling on what I thought was a flat or downhill return... but feels like a slight incline... and serious headwind. Wow... on my own... pedaling into the wind is creating a pace that looks like I should be towing a trailer and have panniers on each wheel, and perhaps weigh-in another 20lbs heavier myself. My little spritely carbon bike is of no help, and I simply keep the cranks going around. Did the flat tire visual check... what gear am I in check... and have to resort to simply self propelled persistance. Wooosh... suddenly a guy passes me on the left - no warning, and with just a cruel speed. Woosh, another passes by, this one in race gear. Woosh... silently a woman passes me with no word... then another... then another. None of them saying "On your left" nor even a short "Hey". That would be nice. Just a "Hey there". What ever happened to ackowledging your other 2 wheelers on the road? How about a lone female - in solidarity for our minority numbers - why didn't the gals say "Hey"?

I decide it's a carrot for me, and windy as it is, I may not even have heard anybody if they had hollared out. I try to keep them in sight, so I try to pick up my pace on these final miles back to the food, shower, car and couch. Once the small dispersed peleton of what I think must be strangers reaches the end of McKean and heads for the elusively long but flat blvd. of Almaden Expressway - and the ladies sit up. Apparently they must have been pushing themselves to the end of their workout and now they are going a slower pace than I'd like to be doing, but I'm stuck behind them. As they are 2 abroad - and I know that after I pass, they'd pick up, and I don't feel like pulling them, or having them follow me the pressure wasn't where mentally I felt like being.

Strangly at each stop light, I'm directly behind the 4 ladies, but no acknowledgement as I try to nod a hello. Triathlon gals it seems, as 2 have aero bars, all have pretty nice bikes and the gear to prove they are serous enough and spend money on gear and most likely entry fee's. My mind competitively goes there... that keeping up with the Jone's attitude of elitism... looks like my bike is more valuable than any of theirs. I like my jersey design better than theirs... huh... is that cottage cheese on that one's hamstring area. I quickly slap myself away from these high-school thoughts that are revenge for them not wanting me near their group. I decide to bail out of this train, as they caught the 2 guys ahead of them, and start friendly chat immediately. I swerve 3 lanes left and take a turning lane to be back in my solo bliss. Camden to... shoot... what was that road I was supposed to take back to Johns house?

I start my own little tour through Almaden. Wow! Nice Library! The architecture of the modern library has me yearning for more renovation and green ideas for our own home. I pedal some more and see what appears to be the worst architecture around, house built in the 70's that look like a pizza hut with a garage. I laugh at the thought that any architect was even involved on some of these atrocities. I'm seeking something beautiful... looking... looking.. oh... cool - solar panels!... looking... pedalling... wow nice tree... intersting cacti... oh hey... looky there... a cute boy is at his driveway selling all his stuffed animals. I realize I don't have any cash and can't encourage his entreprenurial enterprise. I ponder... maybe they aren't his... and he's cruelly selling his sisters furry friends. Naah... he looked too motivated and organized.
Yikes... there is a hill in front of me... I veer right onto Meridian. My spin is coming closer to it's end, though the wind is dieing down, and the sum feels warmer... and I for a short moment think I should lengthen this almost 2 hour affair with my own thoughts and my bike.

Redmond! YAY! I found it! I make a weird across,
u-turn then right to get onto the street I needed to get back to Johns. My plastic bike didn't trigger the turning signal, so such things are necessary at times. All legal, green, etc. Moments later I'm back. After I put my bike onto the car I think... I could have ridden longer. That is a good thing. I'm leaving rides and work-outs now... thinking maybe I could do more. Only months ago (Spring/Summer) I was not ending rides soon enough. The Metals Cleanse and body balancing I was doing, had taken all minerals away and I was one bonked cookie. The fun factor, the energy factor - all depleted before the ride was over. Now I'm making better choices for me. Ending before I'm on empty!

I have John's house to myself, and take it like a vacation. Shower, tea, and Men's Journal October - an article on Lance Armstrong written by a woman. Great Article! She follows him all day on Livestrong Day in May of 08. A little dated, as the article doesn't cover that he announced his return to the sport of Cycling.

I moved chairs around to be in the sun, his kitty cat comes to say hi, and I simply read and relax for the next hour and a half, till the boys come home. Yes the thought that I could or should have driven home and taken care of some chores passes in - but then out of my brain. Why waste precious fossil fuels to do that?... it's Sunday for Christ sake (pun intended)... relax and read about America's "Alpha Bachelor". Magazines all over the house with men, cycling and exercise. What more would a girl need. Sun, Furry cat, Good Earth Tea, satisfaction of having ridden for 2 hours.

Yes it was supposed to be about my honey and his twin, a Birthday ride. I'd say letting them go off and hammer the ride with out me, was gift enough. I'd say it was okay to selfishly enjoy this day for myself too. Riding bikes can be the best therapy ever! No iPod necessary. I'm looking forward to the next entertainment from my internal dialogue as I go for a nice solo spin again!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Back to Bikes!

(Whole Foods bike rack - Oct 25th)

Thanks for patiently waiting for this election to pass, and now let's get back to getting on our bikes! SLaB is available during the month of November for skills workshops during week-days and some weekends. We are getting that MARIN skills clinic scheduled... but had to move it to December 14th. I appreciate the responses I've gotten, and we look forward to getting our Marin date accomplished!

Take advantage of these dryer days - and get even a few miles in!

Thursday, November 6, 2008


For those who might be mourning, and us who are celebrating this historic occasion - here is what our new incredible leadership has already launched! Go to and see their agenda. There are opportunities to post your vision - which I decided to do. And YES... I mention Cycling and more bicycle access! I promise that my blog will go back to it's roots of Strong, Light and Beautiful's mission. With that said, in our mission is the promotion of our Environment - sustainibility - and this certainly gets us involved in some Politic'ing! We'll see if it gets published or at least read! Very exciting!

"Today we begin in earnest the work of making sure that the world we leave our children is just a little bit better than the one we inhabit today." - President-Elect Barack Obama

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Love and Fear cannot live in the same place!

"Love and Fear cannot live in the same place!"

My neighbor friend Lois and I just called 25 folks each - in Pennsylvania - to encourage to get out and VOTE today!

Vote Obama!
NO on 8!
Yes on 2!
No on 4!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Obama, No on 8, yes on 2, No on 4

Please vote tomorrow. If you need a ride, I have the day off. Email me, I'll get you to the polls! I have an umbrella even!

If you are unsure - at least vote on these 4 issues.
President: Obama (Hope - not fear)
Prop 8: NO (civil rights issue - shouldn't be on ballot)
Prop 2: Yes (animal rights - better food!)
Prop 4: NO (unsafe for some less fortunate teens)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

And She's the California Constitution

My marriage is not threatened. Somebody else getting married is okay with me - religious definitions shouldn't be constitutionalized! Join me in helping defeat this civil rights issue - NO on PROP 8!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Scaring myself

So my neighbors get into this fun holiday also - and I admire that! But does anybody else think inflatables during the day on the lawn, look like some kind of fabric massacre or Goodwill bag that got torn open and spread across the yard by a misbehaved dog? The Christmas lights mixed with the scary clown and garden gnomes make this a designers nightmare - but again - I'm thrilled other houses deck out - and attract the kiddo's out and about. My guess is that they have kids - so the cute theme makes sense. On the other hand...

Our house is the scariest. In our tradition, my husband and I hide some of the decorations occasionally - to try and startle each-other. I hid this head in the cereal cabinet - he left early w/ out breakfast this morning. And YES.... even though I put it here... scared the crap out of myself... then laughed in my joy and embarrassment - alone. ;-)

It may rain tonight... and I'm hoping my spider webs and bats and spiders don't get ruined - so keep your fingers crossed, or Friday I'll be scrambling on ladders again!


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Time to breath - some zen

After sharing with friends today that the last week has seemed full of a weird vibe, a controversiol vibe -- I realized something. The election propositions and candidates have us all wound up. We try to share our beliefs, and try as mighty as we can - to understand the opposition. Patience with lies and discrimination, trying to trust and hope... all have been taking a toll on us.

We need to take a lesson from what my boss has been doing in our fast paced production room, setting a timer and telling us all it's time to breath! She even did so today on a text - as she was off-site. I loved it! Just the act off watching my cat sleep, stretch or breath, brings that same zen feeling of less tension.

Here is a picture for you - and a moment to perhaps stop debating, pull good energy to ourselves, so we can have a good nights sleep, and be ready to do our work with vitality - tomorrow!


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Scary front porch Friday Fun!

In 3 days, the tradition continues. Sit abnormally still on the front porch, then scare the living daylights out of little goblins and parents too. The house is getting transformed into scary-ville. Just a few more spiders and webs, some grave markers, and lighting - and we are pumpkin golden! I'm just so excited!

Monday, October 27, 2008

If you had $50 million dollars, what would you do?

How could we help California with 50 million dollars? Could we give it to schools, educate teens on STD's and birth control? Give parents more resources and help - maybe daycare upgrades? I don't know, pick a cause. If you truly care about FAMILY... the aforementioned causes would be perfect! But why have opposing sides spend a min of $25 million each - to try and take away the simple rights of some. 

My marriage is still my marriage - if Lisa and Lynn get married. I'm still in love with and loyal and bonded to my man. I hadn't realized I was privileged or elite, by the chance that I'm a woman - and happened to have fallen in love with the spirit, this person, who happens to be technically and by hormones, birth and body - a man. Weird how I have that right, but somebody else doesn't. 

GREAT NEWS, the company I do work for, is an opposer (yes, and gave frigging money for it) of Prop 8. NO ON PROP 8 - and this time let it rest, and let's spend our money elsewhere. Geesch!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Please stop at red lights!

That is what I said out the passenger window of our car this morning, to a cyclist on Stevens Creek Blvd. "Please stop at red lights"! We had watched him for 2 miles, go through several reds - including the one at DeAnza Colleges entrance, where he cut off patiently waiting pedestrians, that stepped into the cross walk at their designated time. He had to swerve left to avoid hitting them.

So I couldn't help myself, as I want cars to like us, and to spread good energy between all us commuting, errand running, race training, rolling folks on the same roads. Suddenly I found my self addressing this man. He was probably in his late 40's or early 50's on a road bike. I initiated this interaction while we, once again, approached another light together. We were a few cars back, so I spoke out to him as he passed us in the shoulder lane. He yelled "F*c! You!" as he con't to the light. When we approached the light, he turned back to see who we were, and con't our conversation. I said, "Hey, we are cyclists too, and it gives us a bad name to go thru red lights".

He responded... "No it doesn't... mind your own business".

I thought... it IS my business...
A) I'm on the road in a car, and he is riding unpredictably, and I have no idea when he might cut across my legal path.

B) I am a cyclist, hoping to reduce the tensions between auto drivers and cyclists, and want them to start liking us more.

C) I'm an advocate for getting more bike lane access, bike racks at businesses, and awareness to try to recruit more cyclists on the road, and reduce car congestion, and needless driving. A dream for a more bike friendly community, and an effort to save our environment, while reducing our dependency on oil, and get physically active for better health!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Environmentally impaired? Hanson Cement Plant update

My husband, two neighbor friends and I attended a "Hanson Quarry Outreach Meeting" at our Cupertino Community Center tonight. It's in regards to their "Reclamation Plan amendment proposal" to increase their mining area from 330 acres to 917 acres and extend the term by 25 years. 

This cement plant / quarry has been in the area - since 1939 (I'll check that fact). It is at the end of Steven's Creek Rd, and just across from the park where SLaB holds it's mountain bike workshops and where we ride our bikes at both Freemont Older and Black Mountain / Montebello Open Space.
I'm a Cupertino resident, and I've been tested and diagnosed with toxic levels of Mercury and Lead. I have undergone an extensive Chelation process, halved the levels, but am still at a toxic level of Mercury. Hanson Quarry was at one time, the 2nd largest producer of Airborne Mercury in the State! The constant dust and noise are noticeable - and when I found out my neighbors were trying to chelate Mercury out of their systems, it was time to get informed, and see if we can clean up the air. See previous blog Entry(s).

I did not attend to say "Shut down the plant" - much to the disappointment to the angry residents that were attending. I moved here well after the plant did - and am interested in it not only not expanding, but in cleaning up it's airborne emissions. I would like to tell the folks that want it shut down, who was here first, and where is your cement footprint level? Try not wanting, using, having cement in our society. I don't like it any more than them, but the "not in my backyard" is not a good enough argument if they were there first.

So let's take a different approach. One that might be more easily listened to. Not fall on deaf ears. One maybe less emotional, but rational, and with some data.

Get seriously dedicated and active, let's organize to test ourselves, our own air, own dust, own bodies. Collect the data and present facts. Speaking out that you have Cancer, are sick, or have a child with Autism is a start - but not something one can give a solution or answer to. Let's prove that there are clusters of issues. Let's show them the content of the dust. 

The West Valley Citizens Air Watch is a fantastic start.  They were apparently successful in getting the plant to stop burning tires for power. They could use a website and forum to get more involved. They do seem emotionally charged, but well researched, and could be the spokesperson to speak for our community. 

(After being at this meeting, I think we need a steady - scientific oriented - non-emotionally charged person for this job). I think we need to take it a step further, and find out how to get a massive study done ourselves. The County is clearly not going to do it! (added on Fri. Oct 24).

Below is a screen grab of the website for the planning office. Click to link to directly.

My husband Terry, spoke with the Bay Area Quality Management Department Representative that attended. We got great advice onto what we need to carefully do to test and he will send us advice on the protocol to get test result that will be accepted for "evidence" - if you will. We will also pursue what the actual Hanson Quarry Emissions are - hopefully from a test not provided by Hanson itself.

I'll post more information as I get it - let's not let this go another year without getting some facts collected!

Special note added FRIDAY Oct 24:
The last 24 hours I've had a min of 200 hits on this blog - please comment or send me an email if you want to connect and help organize a mass testing of our dust, and our heavy metals blood levels! Email Bevco (at) mac dot com.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Colin Powell Endorses Barack Obama

I've heard Colin Powell Speak before (DeAnza - Foothill College Celebrity Forum Speaker Series) - and have so much respect for him. A Republican or maybe we should now say an Independent. A foreign policy expert - a hero. Pro Obama. He trusts Barack, as should we. Thanks Colin!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Matt and Kristy Memorial - a breathtaking site

Today the City of Cupertino dedicated a permanent memorial 
to Kristy Gough and Matt Peterson. 
It is a stunning, and breathtaking tribute. A ghostly white bike perched with the park in the background, and to the left -the road where they were both killed while on a training ride. Plaques read:
In Loving Memory of
Kristy Gough
November 19, 1977 - March 9, 2008

Our hearts forever inspired by
Matthew Wayne Peterson
June 4, 1978 - March 9, 2008

Strong, Light and Beautiful - Skills clinic fun today!

Rashmi, Bev and Rachel enjoyed a perfect day and had the park all to themselves! With two cancellations, we had a private party of 3, and it gave us more time to go on a short ride after we challenged ourselves on the SLaB skills course.

Rash puts in the extra effort on a steep fire road climb - with success!

Rachel demonstrates fantastic limbo form
as we lower bar height more and more!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Commuting in a dress... and...

I can't remember the website/blog I got this from, but it is worthy of repeating. (I'll find out and credit the original poster). Anyhow... Yes... you can ride a bike in a dress and non-cycling shoes. Yes you can run errands on a bike... yes... one can take it to the unsafe level of too far!

Enjoy the added comments on this image!

I feel better finally, and have been commuting again on my beach cruiser... w/ a helmet, with a basket full of my re-fillable CamelBak water bottle, refillable coffee mug, purse, and sometimes groceries on the way home. But yes... I have called my husband while riding down a straight-away to see if he had requests at the grocery store, guilty as charged!

Tomorrow is a skills clinic in Cupertino -
Not to late to join our group!
Email to sign on!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Oct. 18th Skills clinic - Memorial on Saturday 18th

Hi all - 
Saturday morning, same time as scheduled skills clinic, there will be a dedication to cyclists' Kristy and Matt who were killed on Steven's Canyon Road this year. It's a special event, and will have a lot of emotion along with shutting down the road from 8ish to after 9 I'm guessing. 

The location of the accident is next to the entrance to our park where I host the skills clinics.  For multiple reasons, we'll move the clinic to later in the morning, if attendee's can still make a mid-day workshop. Thanks for your understanding.

The City of Cupertino has graciously sponsored a permanent memorial in honor of Kristy and Matt at the site of the crash. There will be a brief dedication ceremony as well as a memorial ride on October 18th.

- Saturday, Oct 18
- 8 am ride start (recommend arriving at 7:30am)
- Ride route: Cupertino Civic Center (10350 Torre Avenue) to Stevens Canyon Road

City of Cupertino's Announcement:
Memorials to be Dedicated for Bicyclists

On Sunday, March 9, 2008, two bicyclists were tragically killed in the foothills of Cupertino. Weather permitting, on Saturday, October 18, permanent memorials will be dedicated to Kristy Gough and Matt Peterson. Please join us for this brief ceremony as we honor the memory of our friends and family who have passed.

The morning's events will begin at 8 AM with a gathering at Cupertino Civic Center. Guests will cycle up McClellan Road to Stevens Canyon Road, near the site of the accident.

Those driving by car should go directly to the memorial site, as the road will be closed to automobile traffic once the bicyclists get under way. Shortly after 9 am there will be some brief comments and an unveiling of the plaques. In words provided by their families, there is one tablet for each rider:

In Loving Memory of
Kristy Gough
November 19, 1977 - March 9, 2008

Our hearts forever inspired by
Matthew Wayne Peterson
June 4, 1978 - March 9, 2008

Please check the city web site for more detailed information as the event gets closer.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Chicken Soup!

Yay friends like Slabber Cindy and Keith! Due to yesterday's rest and nutritional nurturing... today is a better day. I'm still holding back, and resisting the urge to go to Jame's Harvest Party, but by tomorrow - I hope to be whole again! Thanks for all the well wishes! - B

Friday, October 10, 2008

Octoberfest - not!

Here is how I feel. Been sick (bronchitis) for 2 weeks of October so far. My friend from München sent me this awesome image of her friends kiddo in Lederhosen. 

I even missed a fantastic Trailer trash party at work today. Had purchased some fantastic costume pieces from Goodwill. But instead stayed in my PJ's at home.

Luckily dear friends are on their way back from La Fiesta. My favorite Mexican restaurant in Mountain View, and are bringing me some "Caldo de Pollo". 

Sunday, October 5, 2008

SLaB clinic Oct. 18 Cupertino, Later in Marin!

Just an update that we are scheduling a skills clinic for October 18th. Early in the a.m. for 3-4 hours in Cupertino. You can email me to sign up, and spread the word! Minimum 4-5 ladies to make it happen!

Stay tuned for more SLaB updates as we get back into the swing of things post Interbike Tradeshow!~

Stay in touch
and stay Strong, Light and Beautiful!

Friday, October 3, 2008

so close, yet too far (Commute update #3)

Commuting with the racer dude that won't acknowledge the fellow 2 wheeler: update #3.

Yesterday I was running late... and as I exited my street... there he was! He looked right thru me... again no acknowledgement. Again with the tearing of his helmet off while still riding to the Stelling light. But the Green Arrow failed him... and he did a multi-lane cross-over to the cross walk... and then took the pedestrian way across. Yup...  getting closer! ;-)

Now I know he's seen me! Soon I'll let him know he's famous on my blog. he he.

I forgot my real camera... so this was me whipping out my iPhone... and waiting for the 7 seconds (yes seven), for the camera software to ready itself... but still got an okay shot I'd say!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

getting Vegas smoke out of my clothes

So I have lots to still share - and am getting my suitcase unpacked... phew... smoke all the way from the Venetian! Went straight from Vegas to a fabulous (SlaB) wedding, and came back with a nasty cold. So today am finally on my feet, or desk chair anyhow... and will send out a SLaB update to the whole group as soon as I compose it!

Thanks for your patience! Lots of great things for SLaB in 2009 coming! More sponsors, different format, event/skills clinic focus, product, benefits, and a network with sponsors that will pay for every mile you log into the calendar - to your charity of choice! I'll update on the +3 Network plan, after I meet with the founder this Friday.

I'm very excited about partnering with shops, brands, and collaborating with existing riding groups, social networking and non-profit charitable and worthy causes for SLaB to contribute to! Let's start before '09, and make a difference now!


Friday, September 26, 2008

interbike 08- last booth surfing for me

Yesterday I managed to see a fare amount of booth's and talk apparel and sponsors with a few vendors and product lines. I have a great bucket of images... that at this time I cannot upload from my camera to my laptop at Mcarren Airport. Yes... I'm packed up with a very heavy bag full of brochures and publications relating to anything bike or commute and transportation.

Some of my cool finds are listed below:

Small stretchy silvery dots, which you can put on your clothing or bike for commuting. They stay through a remarkable number of washes. Put on your spokes, helmet, where-ever.

(Primal Wear) Custom JERSEYS.
I really liked the product line of customizable kits from Primal wear, and the available designs they have now are super pretty, creative, but made overseas. Only downfall. I'll speak to 2 other jersey makers I chatted with, one that manufactured in the Czech Republic, the other in Mexico. Can't remember their names - but they were serious contendors along with Sugoi - for a custom cycling kit next year!

New Zealand Merino WOOL fabric/jerseys.
Doesn't hurt to have the adorable accent, but we stopped at this booth to chat with the kiwi for data on custom and semi-custom designs from New Zealand, made of this fab fabric. Wicks, is natural, or combined w/ a lycra for the sublimation customization process. Nice designs, nice fabric - soft, more sustainable. Not from China!

53x11 COFFEE:
Super cool coffee roasters with environment, advocacy, and cycling community in mind. SLaB may try to get sponsored by them for 09, we connected well.

Some interesting helmets nad helmet graphics, some very cool women's bike graphics, and some lame ones.

Luncheon was a smashing busting out the doors event. A fantastic turnout - and fantastic panel of inspirational women from all aspects of our industry. Take-aways from the panel discussion were: Be true to yourself, integrity in business, make goals, and get better at public speaking!

iZIP bikes and eBikes (Schwinn)
Electric bikes were the big trend. Get folks out of their cars any way you can! I took a shuttle to a "Bikes to commute" event at the Springs Preserve. An amazing natural preserve I didn't have time to tour, but was landscaped beautifully with native plants and desert scapes. Ed Begley Jr. Spoke, and folks tested the bikes. Mostly it was dealers asking about carrying the iZip product. My friends Larry Pizzi and Rob Kaplan were hosting the iZip event. I had met Ed Begley Jr. before at the Silicon Valley Green Fair, and was hoping to get another chance to converse. He may have remembered me - but I told him for sure I wanted to go for a bike ride with him and his wife! I also asked him for connections at Whole Foods... regarding the bike rack blogging and activism I'm trying to affect. He seemed sincere to get back in touch with us, to help on that matter!

I'll add photos later for these comments. Thanks for following along my interbike journey!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

More interbike sept 24 (yesterdays booth gawking)

So besides ending the day with seeing Lance Armstrong Cyclocross race (was it his first time?), and what looked like he had fun actually, I did get to see so many great booths, so here are a few photos of them. Women's jerseys from Germany, Guys who can custom make jerseys in Columbia, Crumpler bags from Australia. Crumpler also had fantastic crazy guerrilla marketing (well maybe not such guerrilla, but planned) by puttling printed toilet paper in all the stalls.

The Day ended at the show with a networking and launch gathering at Pedro's booth, for +3 - a VERY COOL website that helps sponsor us average joe athletes mile by mile, for what cause we choose. SLaB will very much sign onto this!

More today - have to run to breakfast!

Day 2 interbike - so much, plus Lance!

So there is too much to blog at 2 a.m. - but saw many very nice women's products. Lots of old friends, cool graphics, interesting bags, hydrasacks, helmets, jerseys, pogo sticks, yes, pogo sticks, and more. So I'll report on all the products later... but thought I'd share how my day ended. With a bus ride to the Cyclocross race... and LANCE ARMSTRONG deciding to show up and give this sport a try. Very fun. Good timing on my part, as the bus driver drove in, we could see him (Lance) at the Treck truck. So I boogied over w/ the small paparazzi group, and snapped a couple pre race, number pinning on shots. Then this incredibly blurry, didn't quite pan fast enough, no filter... as is.. image during the race. No - he did not win, couldn't even tell you who did or what place he was in. We were far away from the finish, but could hear some muffled MC in the distance. Was a great, long and tiring day. Topped off by friends driving here to say hi... from San Diego - today, to leave tomorrow. Crazy Vegas times.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Day 1 Interbike (yesterday's outdoor demo)

Rode at Bootleg Canyon on demo equipment including: XFUSION shocks on an Iron Horse Bike. Crank Brothers Pedals, and an ALLAY saddle tht had a "Pump" to adjustfirmness! Great day out in the Las Vegas sun, on a hillside that overlooked Lake Mead.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Checking in - checking out

Checking in tonight for Interbike... 
and then checking everyone's products out!

In the spirit of our SLaB arm warmers with "On Your Left" printed on the right arm, and the left arm saying "Zero Emissions"... with the disclaimer "except that burrito I ate at lunch" I  bring you this comic strip my honey spotted.

I'll be offsetting my carbon emissions with a TerraPass and being sure to pursue sustainable products at each booth. Stay tuned, as I'll be sure to blog each day about the show, and if I'm super savvey, even upload from my iPhone on the spot!