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Friday, November 13, 2009

Tossing Trash - Talking Trash

Today, like many other, I saw a driver at a light drop a cigarette out window - if it weren't for crutches I'd have done my usual; get out, grab his trash & hand it back!

I've had several experiences handing back trash through the car window. Makes a great impression - but I only do it at a safe intersection w/ lots of witnesses ;-).

1st goober threw entire cigarette box out window w/ plastic after he zoomed off in his safe powerful machine. Next denied they knew it fell out. Next had an interesting conversation w/ car full of male DeAnza College students after they threw food container out.

Another time I stayed parallel on hwy 85 next to a glamorous BMW diva that threw something out. All lanes were empty around us - so I engaged. She was gabbing on phone (pre law against) rolled her window down & I said -"You dropped something or threw something out your window"... she said "what?"... I repeated... she said "SO WHAT!" rolling her eyes... then up the window... then con't on cell. I figure she had to tell the person she was talking what just happened... I hope they scolded her as well.

My husband Terry has grabbed trash while riding and ridden all the way home with it - in the same vane. Usually cyclists are more sensitive - but race habits of tossing gu wrappers still occurs.

I find it incomprehensible - the urge to litter. Your CAR cleanliness is more important than your COMMUNITY or mine? Pshaw.

Now I ease down with my crutches - off soapbox - quietly being hopeful.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Falling into Fall

Thought I'd update my blog with a brief synopsis of the last month. Recovery is slowly happening since my surgery. My cat has had a few emergency's and I'm managing a landscape project at home trying to utilize salvaged bottles and wood. As tradition would have it - we also scared lots of kiddo's in the neighborhood for Halloween!

The knee seems to be my focus still - even though the ankle was the original problem area on my let leg. The lack of movement for 10 weeks has trained my left leg to be in a contracted position and there is still so much swelling - that it's impairing my goal to start walking again. It's been quite a lesson in patience - as I am able to do a Frankenstein walk with my big black removable cast / boot on... but that only encourages incorrect usage of my leg. I have to get my quads and hamstrings to engage again -and correctly... and get the nasty swelling out. THEN - after that - I can start really working for mobility in my very stiff ankle!

Luckily I have the best PT's around - and now that I finally have permission... ahem... a prescription for Physical Theraypy - we have gotten to work. I'd say the message out the the surgeons world and for other patients of such a proceedure is - start earlier on PT and earlier to move - especially your knee! My surgeon was not interested in this part of the process - only the surgery and bone healing. I could have started sooner and be perhaps... without these pesky crutches now.

Our wonderful little fur ball has struggled after a sudden onset of "vestibular disease". She was meowing in a panicky way when I found her a few weeks ago in an unusual place in the garden - she never meow except under distress at the Vet's. She is a "silent" kitty w/ only jingling her collar bell when she wants attention! Anyhow... being on crutches is difficult to pick anything up... but she was "stuck" - after lifting her up - she dug her head sideways into my chest... and was acting extremely strange - turning her head in one direction. Seemed like she was having a stroke. It seems that she had suddenly lost balance - a vertigo of sorts. She was grabbing onto anything with her paws - as if she felt she was falling. The major
bed spins for a confused animal. She had several days of all day at teh vet... and scared and unable to walk more than a few steps - drunkenly like ZBambie on the ice crossed with a Steve Martin drunk character. It wasn't hard to contain laughter though - as you could tell she was suffering. The Diagnosis of Vestibular Disease seemed to be correct - we waiting for her to slowly recover. 2 days later she had a reaction to an enema that caused her to contract for hours - trying to poo. Emergency vet visit and some pain meds - and another exam to irritate her arthritis later - (oh and a good grand investment later) - she was sad- weak - confused and home again. Good news is she is recovering with another strange new symptom of grinding her teeth - and seems to sneeze like something is stuck in her mouth or right sinus. Yee gads. We love her so much it is easy to do what it takes to care for her. We know she is at least 15 years old - and that she is "elderly" in our world - in her later 70's. But it's just not her time yet. Purring, eating and pooing, following us around and snuggling with us is still on her agenda - so Little One and Terry and I get to spend many more days, weeks, months and maybe years together!

Well what can we say, this year with the added help of friends to help gimpy decorate... we outdid ourselves this year. More spider webs, more large spiders on the house. Good Lighting, a fancy coffin with an amazing skeleton that I was asked if it was REAL! We didn't get as many trick-or-treaters overall - well probably just under 100 - but they came in large groups - which is harder to scare. Our tactics remained the same, although different people took turns on the porch swing. Sit still abnormally long, even as the
treaters and their parents question themselves aloud - "that's real... that's not real... look he moved... he got me last year" exclamations of self comforting they would say as they had to stand next to us to ring the doorbell. Terry made one toddler cry - but we all agreed that that one young-on that was in the group of young pre-teens was the sacrificial kid - as the others wouldn't have gotten jumped out at if we stayed concerned with the little one. Anyhow... his parents said it was allright - and the group enjoyed the experience. Thanks again to my neighbors and friends that helped decorate and came and enjoyed Sangria w/ us all!

I'm in the heart of designing and managing a landscape project of adding a little courtyard on the side of our house to visually expand the house - w/ out expanding the foundation or actual house. A creative way to allow the outside in and see more pretty garden space from the inside. Anyhow - the wall is filled with a design of salvaged bottles I've been collecting for years. Mostly the Blue Water bottles (that I was disspointed to find out they are now PLASTIC at Trader Joes!). The bottles I had intended on making into a chandelier someday - but this was a great opportunity to utilize them right now. Additionally a front gate/fence that starts the courtyard area - I got wood from "Whole House Restoration" in East Palo Alto. I purchase lots from this fabulous salvage yard. They seem to be under different management - and some prices are higher - but there are still many many treasures to be found. Doors and windows seem to be the best deal - but would siding and as in our case - no new trees - especially REDWOOD trees were sacrificed for our fence panels. It breaks my heart to see new houses or houses with new fences go up... and to see they are using redwood. Even the Cedar is so re-usable for the privacy panels in a fence. I hope more people donate their old fences - and more people build with re-using products.

Can't say I'll be on the bike by any certain date. I'm hoping to be walking by this week - but I'm willing to see how my leg does before I scold it for not meeting that deadline as well. Correctly healing is more important.

Cheers from the crutches