Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Green Vision - Obama

This morning as I juggle a freelance project that will be printed on a large paper poster (boo)- but for an upcoming Cycling Event (yaaay)... and I read up for my first class at Stanford tonight on Clean Tech Entrepreneurship... I wonder where I and SLaB and our society fit it.

Came across this inspirational blog and story regarding how we need VISION. How Obama has that opportunity, and how we hope he uses it, and we know he has that power to push us forward. Below are a quote from the blog - and a link in case you are interested!

I started commuting by Bike to my job at Apple again. Of course... it's been around 70 degrees lately- making riding a breeze, but these temps are abnormal. Coincidence that sometimes the potential affects of Climate Change - temporarily feel good, while most are a festering disease waiting to come out? Trying to focus on the "sex appeal" and positive aspects of being Green has always been easy for me. Now it's getting the masses to realize EVERY decision matters. But to not stress about it. Just start to metamorphasis and eliminate one habit of buying plastic bottles let's say... for re-usable ones. Tap water really is acceptable. There are ways to dress it up so nicely - that you'd never go back. Pur Filters... lemon... and my new favorite... Himalayan Salt!

I'm finally back - and will continue to blog more regularly. Thanks for your patience while I took a December/Jan holiday break! Riding opportunities to follow. Getting you all out on bikes is my first mission! - Joel Makower

Ask yourself: What does a world look like where former autoworkers and steelmakers are employed in well-paid jobs to manufacture turbines and solar panels, and where mechanics, electricians, truck drivers, and plumbers are working fervently to build the smarter, upgraded electricity grid needed to distribute all this home-grown energy? Where a new generation of smart buildings and electric vehicles are operating in concert on cheaper, less-polluting energy, and a new generation of technicians is needed to build and maintain them and infrastructure necessary to power them? Where every home, office, factory, and store is retrofitted or rebuilt to be as energy efficient as possible, made so by armies of newly trained workers from local communities? Where entrepreneurial companies are mining landfills in order to turn waste back into raw materials at a fraction of the cost and environmental impacts of mining or manufacturing new ones? Where food is grown and distributed regionally, reducing transportation emissions and ensuring food security, creating a wealth of jobs for local farmers, food processors, distributors, and others?

I could go on, but you get the point. It's a pretty compelling story. Who's telling it?

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