Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Posted this sign in my yard this evening. "I DO" support the freedom to Marry! Let's send some collective good energy to California State Courts for tomorrow's review of Prop. 8. Love and Civil Rights for all! 
By the way - my street is surprisingly full of Conservative and Mormon folks who feel threatened by allowing friends of mine to be treated as citizens and have rights to express their love. Your Bible is not our State or Federal Law! You don't have to be gay nor marry - but let's give back the right to this minority that lives on this same planet with you. Civil rights should not be a majority votes issue. Do you ever think slavery would have been VOTED away? Not a chance. 

I am thinking positive and know that we live in a time where we'll be able to brag that we left this sad discrimination and fear behind. In my lifetime, my multi-racial coupled friends couldn't marry - I can't imagine what it would have been like to hide or not complete the promise or see how happy they are today. 

Wow, what amazing times we live in. What an opportunity to grow and expand our human race!

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