Thursday, October 1, 2009

5 weeks today - post surgery

Jolly Green Giant Foot

Hey all - I haven't been blogging as I sorta like to stay positive in this blog - and everyday I have a challenging hour or 2 or 3. Have a whole new respect for wheelchair bound folks and lips of cement on a sidewalk. Crutches, casts, and the ability to get something from the kitchen, then bring it to my desk. Either I'm kicking something along the floor... or I switch to a wheelchair so I can carry, and try not to spill when I go over the bump between the tile and the wood floor. The main focus right now is to keep sanity, get some range of motion in my knee, and decrease swelling. It's been exactly 5 weeks since the doctor "borrowed" bone from my knee, broke my leg - and placed it into my ankle's hole (or lesion). ONE MORE WEEK of no weight... then slowly I start to place some weight on my foot. I can't imagine it will be quick. My foot is so swollen right now... and doesn't move, and my knee can't bend more than 10 degrees, so I don't expect to be walking a week from now. 6 Weeks is the magic bone healing number. My surgeon who doesn't say but a few words ever in an appt, actually looked proud, smiley and giddy when he was advising me to take it easy... as "you are healing from a broken ankle"... "I broke it" he said with a Canary feather smile, "but it is broken".

I got a fantastic call today from an inspirational was a student for SLaB clinics... turned triathlete. She is doing her 2nd Tri this Sunday - a Tinley sprint w/ mtn bike off road for the cycling portion. It's so fantastic to hear from folks that are still riding and training and improving. Gives me hope and a peak into the outside world where people move. Sure I'm less muscle and more fat right now... but somehow I'm going to change that in this next year! I really want to do more skills clinics... and I actually have a class I'm teaching in 10 days at Stanford. It's a classroom class (vs hands on practice), but all about women and women's cycling. That will re-energize me for sure!

Tomorrow I go for my longest drive yet since surgery - up to Mill Valley for Acupuncture. I am hoping to make major headway in ridding myself of this massive swelling. One more week... and I will attempt to add weight. About 4 more weeks until I'm allowed in a pool.

Go ride - because you can! Ride for us who can't!

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spicefish said...

I am thinking of you and hope all will go fast and well :)
Viele Gruesse!