Friday, November 13, 2009

Tossing Trash - Talking Trash

Today, like many other, I saw a driver at a light drop a cigarette out window - if it weren't for crutches I'd have done my usual; get out, grab his trash & hand it back!

I've had several experiences handing back trash through the car window. Makes a great impression - but I only do it at a safe intersection w/ lots of witnesses ;-).

1st goober threw entire cigarette box out window w/ plastic after he zoomed off in his safe powerful machine. Next denied they knew it fell out. Next had an interesting conversation w/ car full of male DeAnza College students after they threw food container out.

Another time I stayed parallel on hwy 85 next to a glamorous BMW diva that threw something out. All lanes were empty around us - so I engaged. She was gabbing on phone (pre law against) rolled her window down & I said -"You dropped something or threw something out your window"... she said "what?"... I repeated... she said "SO WHAT!" rolling her eyes... then up the window... then con't on cell. I figure she had to tell the person she was talking what just happened... I hope they scolded her as well.

My husband Terry has grabbed trash while riding and ridden all the way home with it - in the same vane. Usually cyclists are more sensitive - but race habits of tossing gu wrappers still occurs.

I find it incomprehensible - the urge to litter. Your CAR cleanliness is more important than your COMMUNITY or mine? Pshaw.

Now I ease down with my crutches - off soapbox - quietly being hopeful.

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