Friday, November 28, 2008

1 in 2 hours

Saw a car with a mountain bike on it's roof rack today. Yup, was driving from Rhode Island to the Connecticut Border to meet a friend who was bringing me my camera that I mistakenly left at her house in the sticks of Connecticut. A 2 hour round trip, and one car with a bike. It is much warmer today, tad humid, (one big rain shower that passed), actually a great day for a ride I'd say.

I'm reminded of how easy we have it in California.

In two hours of highway driving in the Bay area, I'm guessing that if any of my local readers when out to an intersection or overpass right now, on a post holiday Friday - day off for many - that they'd count a dozen bikes at a minimum. Both on cars, or passing by.

Happy day off! I hope those of you with bikes take advantage of that, and go for a spin for me. I'm bikeless... but did go for a walk to Dunkin Donuts. YIKES!

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Shannon said...

I think that's the real difference between west and east coast, you know? It's a shame you didn't see more people out biking, but you also have to consider where you were. Maybe it just wasn't an area conducive to riding. I know that the people who do bike around here do it on trails or drive up to MA to do it.

Or maybe they were just on the trails already. Maybe I'm just an optimist? ;)