Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Panic To Do List

With only a few free days left in my respit from working in the Apple office... I have, and keep adding to, my to-do list. Yikes! I sit here needing to announce the December SLaB clinic. Thirsty from an early morning Spin Class then quick Pottery class appearance with me finishing two collanders. Pick up the cat food and litter... home to this envelope.

I am distracted by the piles of Bicycle, Mountain Bike, and Outside magazines that I need to choose which stay and which go. Am thinking I could listen to a book on tape "Eat Pray Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert, but am not really hearing it fully while reading mail. Keep backing if up and hearing the intro over and over.

Anybody else have this clutter clearing problem? Enter one room... rotate wash to the dryer, enter office and search for new dishwasher online (Fisher&Paykel double drawer anybody?), pet kitty cat, trip on new pile of papers with recycle bag and Goodwill box of goodies just placed today. Back to the list... Oh... need to call about my camera that's being repaired, check email. Why not look at Facebook while I'm there? Aargh!

Hrmph. Back to the list... let's see... okay... schedule Colonoscopy... put at bottom of list (again). Man the outside of my windows need washing (add to list). Maybe if I hydrate more, and clear the floor of what I spread out on it, I'll feel creative enough to make a SLaB flyer for Nov/December events.

Stop blogging.
Start doing.

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