Saturday, September 19, 2009

Healing and patience and Interbike blues

Just past the half way point in my 6 weeks of no weight baring life.

Healing from this surgery I knew would be trying... and today I'm tired of needing help for everything. Immobility is a new thing - started early in the year with lots and lots of pain in my left ankle anytime I wanted to walk, jog, hike... press down hard on my left peddle while riding my bike. Physical therapy only mobilized my ankle more... and reared the ugly truth... a huge cyst and hole in my Talus. Now here I am... 3 weeks after a big surgery of my body's bones being drilled/broken or plugged in 3 different places. Send me patience and gratitude for all my friends and family that have been stopping by with food, entertainment and what-nots. Dreaming of better days, future bike rides...

Interbike is a tradition for us bike geeks - check out all the beautiful new gear... find new clothing... see designs... and most of all say hi to all our friends that thru this last decade and a half - all are there from all over the States and World... often still in the industry and just moved over a booth to another brand. Such is the life of staying inside... but moving up and on. It's a fantastic networking place... I find sponsors for SLaB... I find potential graphic design clients there. Sometimes I drink shots with them in a Tequila bar... I tried to hand Lance Armstrong a $5 bill during the Cyclo-cross race... and get signatures or photos with the current pro's. Tons of fun and long days.

*Sigh* - I'll be back dang it! Just have to work thru this recovery! Thanks everybody for constantly commenting humorously on my facebook/twitter comments... it's keeping me alive!


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