Saturday, September 5, 2009

SLaB ankle surgery update

Hi all! One week down on the recovery side of my ankle surgery. The
last skills clinic went fantastic- and it was only a few days before I
had this huge cast attached to my leg added!

I'm still extremely swollen in the entire left leg- with most
discomfort from my knee - where it donated two "plugs" - which double
what they thought they needed to use- to fill the holes in my ankle /
talus bone.

I'll update more when I can get to my real computer - and max out my
iPhone fun.

Days consist of icing and elevating leg-pain killer frequency
tweaking, upright a few X a day with help from crutches and family or
friends spotting me. Absolutely no weight bearing for 6 weeks.

5 more to go!
I am Strong!

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