Thursday, September 30, 2010

INTERBIKE! Beautiful shiny (sustainable) transportation!

I've been meaning to post pictures here, instead of just on Facebook - of all the fabulous products I saw at Interbike last week. Reconnections at many booths of all different brands were made as my history in this industry runs deep. So fun to see familiar faces, a tad older, but still in love with the machine, the lifestyle, the industry.

Bicycle boxes/baskets and carriers to help promote bikes for transportation, not just recreation. Fashion shows

Colnago had at least one classic steel w/ gorgeous lugs, the rest was carbon and likely stunningly awesome bikes, but the soul and paint jobs that made them famous, are gone - which made this girl sad.

Colored rubber tires to spice up the whole look.

$80,000 carbon/titanium/magnesium electric "bike" that went up to 50+ mph. Not my thing, but there it was. Apparently another sister bike to the left that was nicer looking w/ white accents is Jay Leno's. Still, didn't feel like a bike, but it was transportation that is not a car!

The only electric bikes that I've ever liked the look of so far! Italian and retro stylings that were truly attractive! Solex! I think one of the designers/founders is the son of the Stingray bike designer. Who's name slips my mind right now - doh!

NuVinci hubs with groovy instruments that show you your gears according to the cutest little rubber icon going up or down a hill.

My new favorite - Organic Bikes! Bamboo accessories and top/down and seat tubes! *sigh*. On top of my wish list now!

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