Sunday, June 15, 2008

Don't beat yourself up club

I'm officially trying to take my own medicine now. Yes I haven't had stamina for any nice sized bike rides. But sometimes just getting on your bike and riding down a flat'ish road, to a coffee shop & back, are the first steps to getting off your duff!

So Friday I did that, then Saturday I attempted the standard Freemont Older mountain bike loop w/ my husband. Unfortunately the gigonormous-steep-long fireroad to the top to start the ride was a reminder I'm not in my form. For the first time since I moved here... I had to stop and catch my heart rate up to my ambitious legs and mind. In the shade of a huge powerline tower - I found it hard to start up again. Wanting to feel STRONG LIGHT AND BEAUTIFUL... and forcing myself to say I am SLAB... with the aid of looking at the stickers I've strategically placed on my GT Zaskar kick butt mtb... I got on again. I did make it to almost the top, where I convinced Terry to take a different route to Toyon Trail. After a nice single track section which ended with a steep up... I rested again... content to wait for him to go off on another section and return to my spot... then both go home. 

It takes some mental power to be proud of yourself when you have done more trail before. But the way we have to look at these things is that you have to start somewhere. Take the first step of getting your gear on... bike ready... and off the driveway. Be proud and have maybe a small goal of 15-20 minutes out then the same back. This mountain bike ride was hard, but it was nice to see the trails again, and get the views. I'm glad I put my stickers on my bike. It helped to remember what I would say to encourage a beginner rider.

I'm starting a club... it is the "Don't Beat Yourself UP" club... otherwise known as Strong, Light and Beautiful! You can join us anytime!

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