Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sustainable "green" fair - and a bike ride

I'm over the "Green" term... but "am" by definition - as I choose greenly. (Maybe the next bumper sticker huh?! CHOOSE GREENLY - folks will think it is political... hmm)

Steven's Canyon was beautifully green Sunday - we rode to it's end after attending the "Greenfair Silicon Valley". Below are highlights from both the convention center and bike ride.

The fair was a great place to source materials and contractors & services that you hear about - but can't find so easily. There were exhibitors from non-toxic house-cleaning services to solar companies, renovation materials and construction contractors. Very worth the few hours we squeezed from our weekend and house guests. Should have gone the day before and spent even more time. This was my element for sure!
Steven's Creek
Bev & Plastic-bag-man. He recently was kicked out of San Franciso.
Convention center is a "fabric" style building. Glad there was a decent turn-out, and I was surprised it was not all "the choir" - and some new to being "GREEN" were there... not just us green junkies. That's what we need - to reach the nay-sayers or naive.
Solar powered with nice fans that ran - made me think I need one for home... that my husband can use outside the house... snicker snicker.
Made an appointment this week from these guys- they harvest your rainwater from your roof - and you can hook that up for various usages - including watering those pesky lawn and gardens!

Terry and I overheard a father telling a son that was excited about the product... telling him "we only get 14 inches of rain a year... doesn't work for us". Well aalllll be darn, dad thinks he knows everything doesn't he? Imagine 14" of rain times the square footage of your entire roof?! Ticked us off... but decided not to try and solve the smarty pants family issues there.
Gorgeous counter and kitchen and bath products made from recycled and sustainable materials. Been fantasizing about our remodel with these products - for years now. I'm ready to just do it... and not wait another month/year/decade!
Ed Begley Jr. and Bev have a discussion about who they both know in the bike business - and how they both want to go for a ride! My goal.... get his lovely wife Rachelle to go riding... and maybe wear one of my SLaB shirts or jerseys! ;-) He was super nice, and gave a fantastic talk on what you can do to be sustainable in your own life. Spoke of alternatives, or choices we make - from as small as a light bulb - to whole house solar and more. He doesn't preach, but feels strongly that it is not so hard to d0 - and is living proof! 

Most interesting was that he thought his house was pretty energy efficient... until he had an energy efficient inspection done. Where they have infrared lights and I think these blowers to find the drafts - the leaks - where your heat and cooling are disappearing. Hopes in the room were for future required inspections like this - in all real-estate transactions.
Only a couple motor scooter and bike vendors - was surprisingly low number of displays regarding transportation... maybe next year.

After the fair we went for a bike ride up Steven's Canyon Road - perfect end to a nice earth friendly day! Here is a nice recycled bike frame gate. Some of the other gates are not as welcoming or pretty in this canyon - but we found the good stuff.
Terry, Amy and Kirk - going up canyon. From my phone camera while riding... too fun!

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