Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Jill Kintner is Olympic bound!

(Jill is first girl on left- can you imagine even holding your bike in that position for the start?!)

We are so excited that SLaB honorary member and clinic/coach - JILL KINTNER made the Olympic team! Let's keep cheering her on - as she is simply FABULOUS!

Jill Kintner is the only American girl who will represent BMX in the 2008 Olympic Games!

"I am proud of myself considering how much I have had to overcome to make this happen, and that less than a month ago I was under the knife getting part of my knee fixed." - Jill

Her news had mixed emotions, as her friend and room-mate at the training center was who she beat by 1 point overall - to get the position for the US team. Tears for Arielle's loss came first... but soon tears of joy will hopefully take over for Jill.

Check out these links for more information: 

For the half-dozen SLaB members that got to meet and ride with Jill at the Sea Otter, this is even more exciting! We realize how special she is, and were so lucky to get advice from her as we did a riding clinic. Learning from an Olympic competitor!

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