Wednesday, June 25, 2008

wheel ups vs up chucks

Rachel spins the Tibetan prayer wheel -
Well the last thing Rachel and I did before we left Sun Valley yesterday was to spin this Tibetan prayer wheel. I finally was back from the dead it seemed - and able to escape towards the airport for home, a day late. This close up of the wheel I took because it looked colorful, upon uploading my images just tonight, I noticed the theme. Hmmmm... maybe I should have spun this wheel before I came to town? Or was this an Omen that I'm done tossing pretty things out of my mouth. Strangely appropriate.

Turns out things still are not back to normal colon wise, and looking up info last night on the internet... and it appears to be e.Coli .... yup... more than just an average food poisoning... as I had some curious symptoms that I'll resist sharing. 

I'll just assume it was tomatoes... who knows. Went to my Naturopath today, and took some magic dust herbs that immediately calmed my tummy. Life is looking better everyday!

Glad to not be up-chucking - and wish I could have done the 2nd day of my bike clinic -  and done wheel ups - wheelie drops... etc etc.

I have lots of pretty photos from the start and end of the weekend, and luckily nothing to share from the middle. I'll post the Dirt Series mountain biking images soon!

Don't forget to come join SLaB this weekend at China Camp in San Rafael - for the IMBA ales and trails event!

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