Friday, June 6, 2008

Women's retreats - why we need them!

Sister Cathy and me after a great spin towards the lake.
Yup... 73 year old Mom - on a GT mountain bike! Wonder where my sister and I get our adventure from? ;-) You should see her and dad canoe down a river and fly fish also!
Cathy and Bev find an appropriate turn-around spot on the fire-road.
This building is where a large group of women, mostly from 
Reno and the e-women network - hung out last weekend. La Porte California, where cell phones don't work, no internet access, and about 5-6 hours from my home~

We laughed and laughed, ate great food, drank great wine, and painted our faces like we were in Junior High. Average age was probably 50+. I think we were from 37 to 74 yrs old. Menopause jokes and many many amazing lives - with tragedies overcome, cancers survived, litters of kids to be proud of, business successes, feats accomplished - lots to share and learn about ourselves -  to reach more goals in our life still coming!

Friday to Sunday - and on Sunday morning.... laughter turned to tears of appreciation. You would never see this at a man's retreat. Hugs, sharing, growing, and admitting to deep secrets, fears and pain that have been masked and kept to one's self. 

I just love women, being one, being around them, and the fact that they are so interested in growth, change, learning about them-selves and others, and can express the emotions to go with. I think some men privately do so, but this sort of critical mass of energy - only comes from a multi-day women's retreat. This is the whole essence of why I started SLaB. I knew that women learn different, and have fears that while near or with their counter-parts - male or female - that the learning curve and bravery are muted. 

When we separate ourselves from our other identities - we allow for room for compassion, bravery, guts, fears to release, and glory!

Woo Hoo!

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