Wednesday, October 1, 2008

getting Vegas smoke out of my clothes

So I have lots to still share - and am getting my suitcase unpacked... phew... smoke all the way from the Venetian! Went straight from Vegas to a fabulous (SlaB) wedding, and came back with a nasty cold. So today am finally on my feet, or desk chair anyhow... and will send out a SLaB update to the whole group as soon as I compose it!

Thanks for your patience! Lots of great things for SLaB in 2009 coming! More sponsors, different format, event/skills clinic focus, product, benefits, and a network with sponsors that will pay for every mile you log into the calendar - to your charity of choice! I'll update on the +3 Network plan, after I meet with the founder this Friday.

I'm very excited about partnering with shops, brands, and collaborating with existing riding groups, social networking and non-profit charitable and worthy causes for SLaB to contribute to! Let's start before '09, and make a difference now!


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