Friday, October 3, 2008

so close, yet too far (Commute update #3)

Commuting with the racer dude that won't acknowledge the fellow 2 wheeler: update #3.

Yesterday I was running late... and as I exited my street... there he was! He looked right thru me... again no acknowledgement. Again with the tearing of his helmet off while still riding to the Stelling light. But the Green Arrow failed him... and he did a multi-lane cross-over to the cross walk... and then took the pedestrian way across. Yup...  getting closer! ;-)

Now I know he's seen me! Soon I'll let him know he's famous on my blog. he he.

I forgot my real camera... so this was me whipping out my iPhone... and waiting for the 7 seconds (yes seven), for the camera software to ready itself... but still got an okay shot I'd say!

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Anonymous said...

Stalker! ;-)