Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Time to breath - some zen

After sharing with friends today that the last week has seemed full of a weird vibe, a controversiol vibe -- I realized something. The election propositions and candidates have us all wound up. We try to share our beliefs, and try as mighty as we can - to understand the opposition. Patience with lies and discrimination, trying to trust and hope... all have been taking a toll on us.

We need to take a lesson from what my boss has been doing in our fast paced production room, setting a timer and telling us all it's time to breath! She even did so today on a text - as she was off-site. I loved it! Just the act off watching my cat sleep, stretch or breath, brings that same zen feeling of less tension.

Here is a picture for you - and a moment to perhaps stop debating, pull good energy to ourselves, so we can have a good nights sleep, and be ready to do our work with vitality - tomorrow!



Terry said...

Nice photo!

spicefish said...

Little One, Little One, Can't be wrong.