Thursday, October 30, 2008

Scaring myself

So my neighbors get into this fun holiday also - and I admire that! But does anybody else think inflatables during the day on the lawn, look like some kind of fabric massacre or Goodwill bag that got torn open and spread across the yard by a misbehaved dog? The Christmas lights mixed with the scary clown and garden gnomes make this a designers nightmare - but again - I'm thrilled other houses deck out - and attract the kiddo's out and about. My guess is that they have kids - so the cute theme makes sense. On the other hand...

Our house is the scariest. In our tradition, my husband and I hide some of the decorations occasionally - to try and startle each-other. I hid this head in the cereal cabinet - he left early w/ out breakfast this morning. And YES.... even though I put it here... scared the crap out of myself... then laughed in my joy and embarrassment - alone. ;-)

It may rain tonight... and I'm hoping my spider webs and bats and spiders don't get ruined - so keep your fingers crossed, or Friday I'll be scrambling on ladders again!


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Terry said...

Scared me too! Once I got home and was looking for an afternoon snack... ;-)