Monday, October 27, 2008

If you had $50 million dollars, what would you do?

How could we help California with 50 million dollars? Could we give it to schools, educate teens on STD's and birth control? Give parents more resources and help - maybe daycare upgrades? I don't know, pick a cause. If you truly care about FAMILY... the aforementioned causes would be perfect! But why have opposing sides spend a min of $25 million each - to try and take away the simple rights of some. 

My marriage is still my marriage - if Lisa and Lynn get married. I'm still in love with and loyal and bonded to my man. I hadn't realized I was privileged or elite, by the chance that I'm a woman - and happened to have fallen in love with the spirit, this person, who happens to be technically and by hormones, birth and body - a man. Weird how I have that right, but somebody else doesn't. 

GREAT NEWS, the company I do work for, is an opposer (yes, and gave frigging money for it) of Prop 8. NO ON PROP 8 - and this time let it rest, and let's spend our money elsewhere. Geesch!

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