Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Sometimes I worry that I get so excited about new GEAR! My new smokin' pink hot Giro helmet arrived today. Makes me want to go ride! See guys... that's why some of girls are different, pretty stuff makes us want to wear it, use it, and go outside and ride! I just KNOW that this pink flamed E2 will help me ride faster at my race on Friday. I'll also be powered by Sidi Shoes, Enervit Cheerpacks, and my gorgeous GT Zaskar!

I'm excitedly prepping and loading all my gear, as I head to Monterey tomorrow. I'll see if I can post throughout the weekend, should be lots of good sites to see! Wish me luck, as I hope to be STRONG, LIGHT and BEAUTIFUL out there! My race starts at 3 pm Friday, and I think the old lady group will be off around 3:30 - and I expect a 1:45-1:55 time on the course. Stay SLaB!

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