Sunday, April 27, 2008

Thinking twice about Cement Countertops.

Cement! Another reason to ride on dirt roads and dirt trails! Choose your vendors carefully. We CAN clean up coal plant pollution - or eliminate it as an energy source. There are solutions, like smaller existing companies (Sonoma Cast Stone) that use recycled materials and can process without the kiln and coal. One needs to hear how the majority is being processed though - to seek the better choice - and find the better vendors. Here is some crazy awareness reporting!

A huge problem exists in right in your and my backyard. 

Cement - A Dirty Business  <-- click link to hear Quest podcast

You that have known me, know that I thought someday when we re-do our kitchen, I'd be using cement counter tops made of the "left over fly-ash from cement plants". Well I'm not sure that that "ash" is worth encouraging cement demand. Crazy how bad the processing is. Listen to this podcast please - very interesting, and well reported!

KQED reports on this, turns out Cupertino is the highest polluter of Mercury. 95% of California's airborne Mercury Pollution comes from the Hanson Quarry here. Things that make you go "huh".

Oh... and yes I think my toxic levels of Lead and Mercury are making me go all "Erin Brochovich" on you. Can I choose Sandra Bullock to play me, and exaggerate my beauty ;-)? I think Amy Standen of KQED - the reporter on the Podcast already has the Erin roll though!

Feeling all Strong, Motivated and Beautiful today it seems!  --> SMaB?


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Plus cement countertops show EVERYTHING and are difficult to maintain...

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