Monday, April 21, 2008

Ups and downs and wind all around

Lots to share about the 4 days I spent at Sea Otter. Mostly good "ups" with a couple downs - just like a good ride should be. Poor race trail markings made my race comeback a DNF (did not finish) result - as me and several others did the incorrect course path. But on the incredibly up side - we had a fantastic clinic with the amazing opportunity to ride with Professional mountain bike and bmx rider, Jill Kintner! (photo has clinic attendees and Jill)

Jill Kintner - an incredibly sweet, smart and talented world champion rider - and SLaB got to ride with her! Still fighting a nasty cold, so I will leave you a brief note, and suggest seeing clinic participant and journalist - Karen Kefauver's blog , photos and great observations from today's clinic. 

The wind was a major part of the experience, as exhibitors tents blew over, and Saturday we got literally blown off the trail. Dust everywhere - but unlike historical Sea Otter's, we had SUNSHINE daily!

Wind blown and even more excited to go ride more often with you all - Bev   

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