Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Olympic hopeful Jill Kintner shares secrets

We were so fortunate to have such direct contact with the speed and talent of Jill Kintner. Her attitude and ease on the bike were contagious - and we noticed our skills improve in the 2 hours we rode together. Pumping on the back side? What? Luckily everybody asked her to interpret the foreign language of BMX and Xctry speak - and we learned how to push down before a little hill, jump or gap, and float over the hazard - gaining speed on the opposite side. Felt like a kid with a new bike, we all were giggling like Jill still does - it is so obvious she loves the sport - and still gets a kick out of being on the bike! The picture album, video included, are posted on the PHOTOS page of the iamSLaB website. Enjoy!

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