Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Rapids in front of my house

Yesterday I asked readers to save some water, and/or electricity - which in turn helps reduce coal powered plants pollution... and in turn - hopefully reduces heavy metal toxicity in our air, water & food. Ironically as I sheepishly partially fill my bathtub - part of my detoxing regime, a neighbor calls & asks if I'm floating away. I look out the front door, and see a river filling storm drains, & running down the entire street. 

A water main broke at the end of the street. Now a bazillion gallons of H2O are wasting away. I mourn the loss of the energy that polluted the air - that brought that water to our street - now goes into the storm drain - on this sunny, dry day. This river continued like this for over an hour, down multiple streets.  ;-(

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