Monday, April 7, 2008

Taking a Bath with Led Zeppelin

The weeks ups and downs went in a nutshell as follows. Monday I skip my spin class (booo), various reasons including a house guest/friend in town (yay), to my heavy metals cleanse getting supercharged (booo). Get a new bike (yay), then neighbor dies (booo), Pre-ride Sea Otter Course (yay), attend funeral (neither yay or boo).

Turns out I  have more than double the Mercury (darn Tuna rolls), and in the red zone of Lead in my system - who knew?! My honey thinks I need to take a bath with Led Zeppelin blasting, hence, a "Heavy Metals Cleanse".

Well this cleanse is a teeter totter of getting out bad metals - which takes out the good metals also - and trying to re-supply the good - and keep my electrolytes in that perfect place of enough to handle a workout. After 8 weeks of depleting all these metals, my body is, well, depleted! I'm a total space cadet, and the cleanse keeps me... well... L for Light. Many stops to the loo (sp?) change my schedule often. Working-out is inconsistent, often dizzying - if not impossible! 

After 10 weeks (which ends day of Sea Otter race for me), in theory, I should have removed all the bad metals to a safer, acceptable level. How about those coal plants... still think we shouldn't pressure them to pay or upgrade their filtering systems? Oh...maybe try to use less electricity or water today, because that will use less Coal - which powers all these municipal energy sources! Thanks! Our bodies appreciate any efforts you can make to help remove toxins from our air and water - and food sources!

Speaking of heavy metal be-gone'ing. Read next post that starts with my new - non-metal bike!

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