Sunday, May 11, 2008

Beach Ride with heavenly replenish stops

(updated note; this is exactly where the "Summit Fire" is - we ride right through the same canyon, and this market has become headquarters for this tragic fire in this last week of May 22nd on thru Memorial weekend! Gorgeous Canyon, our hearts go out to the residents)

Yesterday was my longest (road) ride in almost a year! Think I did a 20 miler a few weeks ago.

Los Gatos --> over the Santa Cruz mtns --> to Capitola --> Corralitos --> & back to LG. 65miles. 

1. Cappucino at Zelda's, Capitola beach. 
2. Detour for an open house in Aptos. 
3. Snack time w/ fresh strawberries, Corralitos. Up nasty climb to Nisene Marks/Demonstration Forrest. Where there was strangely very few cars. Perfect temps, and gorgeous Redwoods. After it started to feel like I was pushing square wheels... we came upon road barriers (aha! no wonder no cars!) where the road has slid on down the mtn. At the 2nd barrier - there was an unexpected oasis. #4.

Stop number 4. A group of celebrating mtn. bikers, happy to share. An unexpected SAG (support and gear) stop from Heaven! WOW! A few sips of a beer the 3 of us shared, one oatmeal cookie - and we knew we needed to get the ride done and go get a real meal!

The boys helped me survive the long (for me) and gorgeous route - and the "rest stop" at the top triggered my craving for this Guinness you see photographed - which is mostly gone!

Where are all the girls? I need to get my SLaB butt in gear and get more of you out there! 

I'm sore, my quads feel huge - been calling them "Eric Heiden" legs. (remember the Gold Medalist speed skater?). Still pretty tired, but happy! Need to get longer rides in more often!


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