Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day!

THANK you to all who gave lives, time, limbs etc - so that I can live here, with my religious and political views, work here and have a happy home!

Put up this huge flag today. We got it from some dead guy down the street. We also got some really awesome vinyl from him at that estate sale, Harry Belafonte and more! Anyhow... they tried to convince me this flag was not for a casket... but being that it was over 8ft long... I just don't know if I believe them! 

Today... we were supposed to have been finished with a 4 day bike ride to Santa Barbara... but with my energy levels low... we instead rested and relaxed all weekend. 1 major league baseball game, 2 bbqs, then today... a gin and tonic... and no bike ride again... YEEIIKES!  I think I'm taking doctors orders a little too seriously! Time to dust off our bike this week!