Thursday, May 15, 2008

"I'm gonna wash that lead right outa my hair"

Some of you have been more interested than others in this crazy "metals cleanse" I seem eternally on! Here are a few details, and the great results after 10-12 weeks, and what it means for me right now!~ thanks for all your support! 

So this is a sampling, most of the bottles, (some were recycled already and not shown), that I took in a methodical - spreadsheet of a schedule - for 10 weeks to "CHELATE" the excessively high Mercury and very high lead counts in my system.

The original results (behind) just arrived yesterday - follow up test results are composited on top layer! Great reductions-YAY!

What this means: The drastic reduction you see in the bar graphs, and more-over the numbers - proves that also my GOOD minerals are depleted as well. Having a major electrolyte deficiency now! This explains my muscle pain, poor recovery, fatigue and major charlie horses! Mostly good news regarding washing metals out, but still need to balance and recover. I'm good for a workout under 2 hours. Sounds okay to a non athlete... but in our crowd... 4 hours is somewhat a normal ride!

New Plan: REPLENISH my Magnesium, Potassium, Iron... etc.. until I'm recovered, over about the next 2 to 4 weeks. Goal... to be patient and keep my crazy athlete friends at bay until I can re-join them!

FINISH: Then do a shorter 5 week Chelation cleanse again... to try and get the Mercury back to the "green" level, or non toxic level. We more than halved it... but it is still higher than acceptable. Shows you how dangerously high it was!

FUTURE: I want to motivate my neighbors and friends to get tested, Test our water and air, and pursue the Hansen quarry's plan for filtering their Coal Fired Kiln - to reduce exposure going forward.

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