Saturday, May 24, 2008

Bitter Sweet Moss Green

You know you love someone when you drive across the Bay area on a Holiday weekend, to go see their baseball team play at the opponents cold, windy stadium. Am I bitter, no, I know my honey's a HUGE Red Sox fan, & had no excuse as we cancelled our 4 day bike ride to Santa Barbara and had no plans. My 2nd game in 2 weeks-Yeeikes!

We kid about this being punishment for me needing to cancel our athletic endeavor with our friends - that I have to suffer through more baseball. Kidding aside, I'd rather watch a live game then have it droning on the TV, while we sulk at the fact friends are riding epic days down the California coastline. Meanwhile we're stuck with the smoke filled cold air, same ol' suburbia... and haven't ridden our bikes in WAY too long! (oooh, bitterness again... oops)

My bonus is we get a very quick visit in with a dear friend in Oakland who is moving back East soon. First thing I notice in Oakland compared to Cupertino is COLOR, character and style! The visit is crunched between our bb game and his DMV visit and date with his sweetheart Nicole. But in the 1hr we had, these pics were taken.

Tom is one of my first friends here in CA when started to live by myself in Mill Valley. A dear friend with many amazing adventures together. A bicycle expert - building, riding, buying, selling, marketing, trading, fixer upping, try anything once, 24hour racing team-mate of honesty, advocacy, and true loyalness (new word). It is a bittersweet visit in several ways. Only weeks left in his 10 year bay area stint, and I'll miss him dearly. We used to buddy up every weekend, and recently with our love lives and work/home locations - visits are barely annual. Sweet to visit, sad to know only a few slots left for more visits before he starts his new adventure. 
Moss Green and interesting patterns are scattered everywhere. First image is bricks alternated with Moss in Tom's backyard. Here a dresser's drawers are filled with bars of chocolate at... yes..."Bittersweet Cafe" on College Ave.

Nicole's new old bike spruced up by Tom
Tom retrieving our treats - on a moss green dish of course. We sufficiently get wired on Chocolate, flour and sugar with croissants, muffins, and chocolate laced drinks.

My honey gets to see a game... Red Sox Lost... and we scidattle back home - unscathed by traffic, but pooped and chilled to the bone w/ the huge contrast of cold weather - from last weeks HOTness.

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TomCat said...

Bev, I'm gonna miss you tons too. You were the gateway to 24 hour racing for me, good and lasting friendships, crazy adventures, and occasional awkward moments with my foot in mouth or head up my ass. Still, I reminisce on all those times with a big smile in my heart. You are one of the reasons moving back east is so difficult for me. The emotional pull is countered by the necessity to make a little more money than expenses allow, and to develop my Capital C career, whatever that's worth.