Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Dirt to Dirt.... SLaB goes to Vascona Park

Afternoon cruise and test ride of a "real" mountain bike - Jaimie & Vix and Bev go for a bike path ride in Los Gatos. We went from our Pottery Studio Class - and attempting to build out of dirt or clay... to playing on the dirt. 

Fantastic way to enjoy an hour or two in our busy days. Vix escapes the photos, but the 3 of us enjoyed some easy going riding... object of afternoon; no fear, nothing too taxing, and to try something new! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! You don't have to get completely geared up and do a big epic ride each time you get on your bike... sometimes just playing around on curbs and small trails - can improve your confidence and help start forming cycling muscles - for future rides that may be more challenging. I recommend doing this little treat often - to bring the fun factor back into riding, and introduce our bodies to moving around and trying little challenges!

Discovered lots of fun whoopdie doo's to practice technique & test the bikes out!
The bike path is sweetly marked for traffic, and we had almost none!
Your choice, the paved path above, or this nice little single track 
beckoning your fat tire's to come play!

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runtjg said...

Coach BevCo and SLaB is the best for learning mountain bikeing!