Sunday, September 7, 2008

Another Successful Skills Clinic! Sept. 7th

Thank goodness we started early as the day got hotter each hour. 8 of us, mostly beginners, and all ages, played on our bikes for another SLaB skills clinic. We limbo'd, teeter-tottered, made switch-backs and ascended and descended in great simulations for future trail rides! THANKS LADIES, GREAT DAY! 

More pictures from our day are on the
Joann, Laurel, Bev, Mandy, Lois, Rhonda, Kathy, Allison

Joann's competitive side shows up, with perfect form to clear the Limbo. Of course... we don't have a picture, once again, of Coach Bevco and her bar ends smacking into the pole and tearing down the whole structure and tossing her to the ground as she demonstrated the leaning the bike over to get even more clearance on the lowest setting. Geesh, great way to encourage the ladies Bev!

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