Thursday, September 25, 2008

More interbike sept 24 (yesterdays booth gawking)

So besides ending the day with seeing Lance Armstrong Cyclocross race (was it his first time?), and what looked like he had fun actually, I did get to see so many great booths, so here are a few photos of them. Women's jerseys from Germany, Guys who can custom make jerseys in Columbia, Crumpler bags from Australia. Crumpler also had fantastic crazy guerrilla marketing (well maybe not such guerrilla, but planned) by puttling printed toilet paper in all the stalls.

The Day ended at the show with a networking and launch gathering at Pedro's booth, for +3 - a VERY COOL website that helps sponsor us average joe athletes mile by mile, for what cause we choose. SLaB will very much sign onto this!

More today - have to run to breakfast!

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