Sunday, September 14, 2008

One week to Vegas!

Getting ready for 4 nights at Interbike Tradeshow in Vegas next week! I've been volunteering for the OIWC (Outdoor Industries Women's Coalition) for their events at the show. Mostly doing free graphic design - and giving input for the Luncheon event and Awards. 

It's crunch time and I'm very much burning the candle at all ends. Between my contract at Apple, 2 other clients, and trying to get SLaB together for chatting with potential sponsors at the tradeshow - this OIWC work is happening at midnight.

If you are going or considering going, my honey can't join me, and I got a killer room (2 queens) at the Venetian that I'd love to split the costs with some rad Cycling woman! (room has balcony overlooking the Pool! "fresh" air in Vegas is hard to come by! Toss me a note if you are interested!

1 comment:

spicefish said...

oh man, if I wasn't getting married next week, I'd so come with you... you know how I love these little trips :)
Does that mean you can't make it to my bachelorette party?? ;)