Thursday, September 11, 2008

commuter stalker

So I haven't seen my Webcor fellow commuter all week. Either I'm too early, or too late... timing is just off. I even rode yesterday in the outfit to turn heads! [Pink Helmet, Pink semi-clear (adaptalite) glasses, pink scarf, 5-'s style black and white short jacket over a nice pink T-shirt, jeans with cuffs rolled up, and cute w/ a heel black and white (clarks) sandals. Oh, and my zebra striped b/w purse like messenger bag]. Only head that was turned was "mad man" behind the mini-van, who is a bike hater I guess. I'll continue to try to get a picture of said racer dude... even if I leave early... and wait... like a stalker!

Speaking of stalking... I really am not a star struck groupie or stalker like it seems - regarding Jill Kintner and her GT team! But at the risk of seeming like it - I'm going to post a picture of her with Oprah, and silver medalist Mike Day - just to underline how lucky we are to be able to ride with her tonight! I watched the premier show, and the only glimpse of any cyclists was the march into the crowd to the stage, where it looked like Jill was holding the "BMX" sign. Michael Phelps took most the time - as was deserved. Either way- we are only 2 degree's of separation from Oprah now... that's not bad!
Tonight's ride weather should be mild, maybe chilly at the top of the ridge - but we'll have enough light for a group photo before - and lots of time to play on the single track! See you at 5:45 - riding at 6! (I don't think Oprah is coming... but I'll check w/ Jill to see if I can get Oprah to come to one of our clinics!)

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