Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Favorite Ride Tahoe's Rim to Flume trail

One of my top 3 rides TAHOE'S FLUME!
(Beverly & her sister Cathy take a break overlooking Lake Tahoe)

Labor Day Weekend Ride report! 
It's hard to beat a beautiful, not-to-hot, not-too-cold, some wind, lots of sun, and a very long day on the Tahoe Rim trail to the Flume. Our 23+ mile ride included doubling back to descend to Tunnel Creek Road at the end. This direction provides little elevation gain - for more riding experience, less altitude oxygen deprivation!

Large rock challenges, smooth groomed trails littered with deep sand from all the dryness of the long rain-less season, and spectacular views filled the day. Some folks fell, even some fell in front of everybody attempting to go clean a switchback (ahem) and their "friends" took pictures before helping them out of the bush they were crushing and stuck in... (lots of laughs all round)... some scared with the exposed (what, you don't want to fall down the thousands of feet to the lake?) narrow and sandy portions of the trail, but in the end - we all had a fabulous time and we were all smiles! One minor mechanical (broken water bottle cage scratching one's leg), 99% of us had enough water and food, and we all survived to ride another day!

We had riders from Reno, Truckee, Carson City (who rode back to Carson City from the trail!), San Fran, Los Altos and Cupertino!

Stunning views distracted our group of 11 total, that rode various routes with a minimum of 4 riders together through-out the day. Left at 11 a.m., and were finally loading our bikes onto cars after 6. We planned for a slow pace, stopping, enjoying views and afterwards eating and drinking adult beverages! Boogied over to "Crosby's" aprés ride, for what tasted like the best burgers we've ever had, and the most deserved beer ever!

For more pics of the entire day, entire group, the trail and views, see:

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