Thursday, September 25, 2008

Day 2 interbike - so much, plus Lance!

So there is too much to blog at 2 a.m. - but saw many very nice women's products. Lots of old friends, cool graphics, interesting bags, hydrasacks, helmets, jerseys, pogo sticks, yes, pogo sticks, and more. So I'll report on all the products later... but thought I'd share how my day ended. With a bus ride to the Cyclocross race... and LANCE ARMSTRONG deciding to show up and give this sport a try. Very fun. Good timing on my part, as the bus driver drove in, we could see him (Lance) at the Treck truck. So I boogied over w/ the small paparazzi group, and snapped a couple pre race, number pinning on shots. Then this incredibly blurry, didn't quite pan fast enough, no filter... as is.. image during the race. No - he did not win, couldn't even tell you who did or what place he was in. We were far away from the finish, but could hear some muffled MC in the distance. Was a great, long and tiring day. Topped off by friends driving here to say hi... from San Diego - today, to leave tomorrow. Crazy Vegas times.

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