Monday, September 15, 2008

Keeping score

At our friends annual wine tasting party Saturday night... we had "score sheets". You wrote the number on the bottle, which is hidden in a bag, and scored the "nose", "Taste", "Finish" of each. 

My first year attending this event I was new to thinking of wine in 3 phases of tasting, I just liked it. Well it's score-sheet was a steep curve of okay --> to great. Each getting better, as I got buzzed. 

This years score sheet was the topic of the end of the
night when I asked my husband if he was driving home, or I was. It was 2 a.m. and we had run out of most the wine - and were snacking on anything the hostess brought around. He said firmly "ME"... just look at the cards.

Well from an amateurs eye - one would think I drank 10 glasses to his 6, but actually I took only a sip from some, as I scored them as low as 6's all the way across - then dumped them in the lawn or containers provided. But I must say - I surely did drink more than usual - and to use the phrase I learned from the host of the party...

"Yesterday I borrowed fun from today"

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