Sunday, September 21, 2008

Group Ride- Cadence Workout Group

Pete, Terry, Walter, Mayo, Bev and Nadine

Sunday was yet another stunning day in California, and we spent the afternoon at Saratoga Gap. As Walter said (with Holland accent), it's WORLD CLASS nice! We had a group from the office of Cadence' Design's corporate gym (Club One a.m. fit class) that wanted to go for an excursion, outside, on the dirt! Two beginner ladies, me, my honey Terry, and Walter with their physical trainer; workout guru, spin instructin'- Pete! 

Both gals don't have bikes, (one has a 15yr old number that is not up to speed), so we brought our GT demo bikes. It is so great to be able to get folks out on "real" bikes, or up-to-date mountain bikes so they can see what they'd like to invest in, and have a great first ride experience. 
Speaking of first trail rides, I was super impressed with all of their abilities to brave some rocky terrain. Mayo and Nadine made it down steeps, over rocks and on loose gravel corners. Even Walter admitted normally he might walk down to get past a super technical section, and was happy for the do-over mentality, to improve skills, and start clearing sections to dismount the bike less often. He did fantastic, and was a natural. Now if only I could get him to keep his helmet on! (don't worry, while riding on the trail - it was, but relunctantly was on flat fireroads).

Nadine and Bev, happy bikers.

The entire album from the day is posted on - photo page at the bottom!

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