Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Commuting update - lockers rock!

Decided to roll on a lighter bike today, this GTw Zaskar, which rocks! It's available for demo purposes at our SLaB events. (Always good for me to test the equipment). The only thing for commuting that I missed, was my basket for putting the Doppia Macchiato in, and the "da du da de da daaa" music in my head of the wicked witch theme song from Wizard of Oz. 

This is the way to treat an employee bike commuter though... gorgeous bike lockers, and plenty of them! at least capacity for 24 bikes, protected from the elements. Two per bin, cleverly divided w/ a diagonal board so your bike backs in with ease. Room for the front wheel and handle bars to turn perpendicular and steady the bike, taking a shorter footprint space.

The Best!

Oh... and saw my fellow Webcor racer dude this morning! Turns out he buys a baguette and continues down that side of the road to either Petes, or the office park on the North Side - and leaves later than I usually do. I was running late today - so now I see why we've not been synchronized at the lights in a while!

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