Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Alpe d'Huez - Saratoga Gap Tomorrow

There she is... all 21 switchbacks.
Record held by Marco Pantani at 37 minutes 35 sec. Lance was only 1 second slower than that official record. Stats: 8 miles / 13.8km. Average Gradient 8.1%.

Tomorrow is the big day for the Tour. Wear something French, Yellow, Polka Dot or in your favorite teams colors - and give the boys some extra climbing legs!

Saratoga Gap, much shorter, way less elevation gain, and maybe 21 corners - some considered switchbacks!

SLaB will endure a trail parallel to Skyline blvd at the ridge line above Saratoga - and perhaps drink some Perrier at the end of the ride. Maybe 21 switchbacks - start counting at first corner when passing through the trail gate!

Come meet us at Hwy 9 and Skyline by 5:45 - so we are rolling by 6 pm. The tour stage will already be fought out - and we can chat about who won while we have fun on the trails!

See you tomorrow! (Boys allowed if they are nice!)

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