Friday, July 18, 2008

Tour de France fever - Month of July

July is a month that my husband and I burn the candle at 2 ends. We record and watch sometimes 2 different broadcasts of the Tour de France (TDF). Or like in this picture, in 2005, we actually went to France, and chased, sometimes rode, a few stages. 

This picture was taken the morning after a fantastic mountain finish of stage 14, where Austrian Georg Totschnig from Gerolsteiner won the stage. We got to hang out at the teams hotel and eat the same dinner one table over, while they celebrated. Levi Leipheimer was on that team then. (I'll look for a couple pictures from that night and day). Anyhow, then a butt ugly early rising from Toulouse, crazy driving and navigating to the next stages start. This is the reason we are very tired - but happy to take toursity pictures of the famous "Caravan" that parades through the entire stage - tossing samples of sponsors food items, hats and noise makers - about 1 hour before the riders pass by.  

A major sponsor of the TDF is Credit Layonnais - and they hand the stuffed Lions to the Yellow Jersey winners each stage!

Congrats to the 2 new American teams of Columbia and Garmin - they are kicking some tarmac!

More TDF trivia and memoirs to come this last week of the' 08 tour.

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