Thursday, July 17, 2008

Wed. Freemont Older Ride - Prospect Entrance

July 16 SLaB Wednesday night ride. 
Bev and Robin pose by Toyon trail sign.
John & Robin ascend Seven Springs Trail (when photographer is taking iPhone pics while riding, and asks you to turn around to smile while riding... don't! Look where you WANT to GO! Robin recovers here - and stays on the trail!)
Route from the Saratoga side is much more manageable. The 3 extra miles from Steven's Creek Park side, with a 1 mile steep fire road ascent and extra trail on the ridge line - take a lot of stamina and strength. This alternate route makes it easier to concentrate on skills, and enjoy all the woopdie whoops. It starts more than halfway up the mountain. 

Another great beginner/intermediate trail. Less technical as far as obstacles in the trail than Saratoga Gap - nice cleared trails - a little dusty with loose dirt. Main challenge is occasional short steep ups & downs. Has fun S-turns and switchbacks, this 6.5 ish mile ride is all smiles! Still has climbing - but they aren't long grinds - a medium workout with high amount of fun trail!

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