Monday, July 14, 2008

Protecting Nemo

6 days ago, one of the hottest days so far, I found a baby bird that fell from it's nest in our yard. I panicked a moment, put it in a t-shirt and box, tried to cool it down a tad with some soft water spray, and went to internet. Found out it was okay to put him back into the nest if it was nearby. The nest was just above him, about 4ft up a bush. Later I found his sibling that didn't have the good fortune of being rescued. I'm not sure when he had "fallen", but the heat already took his life. We are happy to be able to help the one remaining birdie.

We named him NEMO!
Amazing painting by Roger Roberts. 
I found this searching for a picture to put on my CAUTION signs for the yard folks not to disturb our new born birdie and the parents. 
Check out blog from Australia

Nemo's Dad (or mom - we don't know our birds... just found out it is a "California Towhee")
Mr. or Mrs. Nemo hunting for bugs in our yard.

Nemo sleeping in his nest. He has way more feathers now, so we have hope. He doesn't seem real active though, and we have seen him with his eyes open, but just breathing and sitting in the nest is all. I try not to visit more than once a day. I need a webcam!

When ever I hear the parents alarm chirps - I come out to check to see if the evil Crows are too close - or if Nemo fell out again. I'm so in tune with them now, I hear the chirps like I'm part of their family!

CAN YOU HELP US IDENTIFY the type of bird they are?
Pictured  from the day of rescue - and then today a bunch of the parents were taken - are all posted on this gallery page:

BREAKING NEWS.....(6:12pm)

THIS JUST IN from my friend TOM-
Says it is a "California Towhee". 
"Page 476 of Sibley's Guide To Bird's. Welcome to birding. I may or may not have this right. I focus on waterfowl, raptors and Owls. Theres less of em"

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