Friday, July 4, 2008

Yankee Doodle! Take back the flag!

What do I mean by that? Well it seems that on the non-left side of the political spectrum took the flag as their symbol. But us "end the war" yada's - are patriotic as the next! 

Those of you who know me, know I love the flag, was a flag-girl in high school, and share a birthday with Betsy Ross and Paul Revere! I play the fife, and was in the United States original, yes the first, fife and drum core in Deep River Connecticut. In the photo above my husband Terry is wearing my tri-corner hat from the parade days in CT, and of course, a World Series Baseball champ t-shirt from Red Sox 2004. All we need is apple pie and hotdogs now!

We just arrived back home, after riding our carbon free bikes to a local pancake breakfast, and then grocery shopping. Forgot our green bags so we improvised filling my bike basket and purse, then one bag that Terry carried while precariously riding one-handed back home. More on bike commuting on the next post!
I did manage to bring my fife, for a traditional - annual concert that erupts who knows when and where. Today we decided not to conflict with the events at the community park, but then on our way out, past the new memorial for war veterans, I sprang it out with a Battle Hymn of the Republic, almost flawless with one squeak. Then attempting Yankee Doodle, as usual I missed a few notes, but nobody seemed to mind. As it was in the spirit of all the Red White and Blue around us! Reminds me I have to find the video from last year, when we accidently ended up at the end of a parade in Kona on July 4th, and I played the whole parade route, and everybody thought we were a planned performance for the sweep - or end of the parade. Tons of fun this talent of a whole 2 different songs that I know - can bring.
In appreciation of our Country and freedoms and equal rights - last night we attended happy celebration party - a shower of sorts - for the upcoming commitment ceremony two lovely ladies are partaking in, on 8-8-08. Congrats Chris and Lisa! Thanks for sharing your love with us - and we are so happy that here in California - it is now legal for you to take the plunge! 

Happy July 4th - Happy Independence Day everybody!

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